How Do You Get A 10 Day Stubble? 2024 Guide

How Do You Get A 10 Day Stubble? With beards being the absolute defining feature of a man’s attractiveness, more and more men are experimenting and trying to find the best beard or facial hair look that suits them.

While so many think that a fully grown, trimmed beard is no.1 on the good-looking scale, you’d be surprised.

By the testimony of most women, stubble has actually been voted as the no.1 most attractive kind of facial hair. Yeah, that awkward phase between fully shaven and bearded is what they find so appealing, it is easier than we think.

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So, you must be thinking “That’s it! I’ll just keep a little bit of stubble and trim it every few days and voila!” Hold your horses there, partner, it’s not that simple.

What Length Stubble is Most Attractive?

How Do You Get A 10 Day Stubble?

How Long Should Stubble Be?

We’ve established that stubble is the most attractive kind of facial hair, but not all stubble was created equal, and not all stubble looks great.

The length of stubble varies the more you grow it out, and it can go from weathered toughness to neat to lazy hobo really quickly. Let’s see which stubble is best for you and why the 10-day stubble is the best kind!

The 5 O’Clock Shadow

The 5 O’clock shadow is something all men face, whether it’s at the end of the workday, or just being lazy to shave. It’s called a 5 o’clock shadow because it’s a little bit of scruff growing on your face making a little shadow, but not enough for a stubble or beard.

Surprisingly, even though so many men hate their 5 o’clock shadow, women do find it quite attractive as it looks rugged and is an indication that the man is doing something.

The 5 o’clock shadow also gives you contour for your jaw and face, if you like the clean-shaven look but feel like it makes your face too flat.

How do you get a 5 o’clock shadow? It depends on your hair growing genetics, you can either shave once in the morning and wait until it grows by evening, or you can shave every 2 days to keep that look going for longer. Alternatively, you can shave using a beard trimming without a comb going with the grain.

Light-To-Medium Stubble

Light-to-medium stubble can take anywhere from a couple of days of abstaining from shaving, up to a week. This kind of stubble is quite relaxing, as it doesn’t need much maintenance. You just put down the razor for a few days and let nature take its course.

Obviously, you can clean it up a little bit on the cheeks and neck. This is a very safe, attractive route to go with your stubble. You can even achieve it by trimming using the 2-3 mm guard to get the look consistently going every day.

The 10-Day Heavy Stubble

Is heavy stubble attractive? The answer is yes! The 10-day stubble got its name from usually taking 10 days for men to grow. Its length is about 4-5 mm. If it’s any longer, then you’ve ventured into beard territory.

The 10-day stubble strikes a nice balance between a fully grown, masculine beard and the lighter stubbly contouring look that women like.

The thing about heavy stubble is that it actually looks like more effort went into it than light or medium stubble which may be interpreted as laziness or unkemptness.

With heavy stubble, you can even shape and style it. You can go a little bit lighter on the sides and heavier on the goatee area. There are quite a few possibilities.

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How Do You Get A 10 Day Stubble?

“Easy, I simply don’t shave for 10 days and I’m good right?” Wrong! We want a 10-day stubble, not a grizzly look. If you’re one of those guys who grow a lot of hair on their cheeks and neck, the heavy stubble look will end up looking tragic. How do you achieve the perfect look, though? Here are some steps:

Don’t Shave: Obviously, that’s a no-brainer. If you’re starting from a clean-shaven position, you’ve got everything fresh and clean and no hairs will be growing at a different rate from others. Does it have to take exactly 10 days?

Well, no, as different men grow hair at different rates. 10 days is a good ballpark to see how it looks and whether or not you want to trim it, or even grow it out a little longer. You can go a couple of extra days to make sure all the hairs are nice and even before a trim.

Go In With The Trimmers: Take your trusted trimmers and get to work. Remember, we’re aiming for 4-5 mm so make sure you’ve got the right comb on. Start with the sides and neck, and leave your mustache and chin till the end, as you may want to keep their length, actually.

Start with 5mm, and then work your way down, as you don’t want to suddenly feel like you’ve cut too much. For our beard trimmer recommendations, click here.

Shape It: With this part, you’ve got two options: You can either simply clean up your neck and cheeks, or you can go full artist mode and start shaping your stubble the way you like.

If you’ve done this before and you have the skills, go for it; you can get perfectly straight or curly lines on the cheeks and shape the hair under your lips. To get the cleanest lines, check our recommendations for straight razors.

How Do I Keep The 10-Day Stubble?

You’ve got the look down pat, but now you want to keep this going every day like those TV actors who have the perfect level stubble every scene. Obviously, you’re going to have to trim it often. How often? Again, it depends on your genetic rate of growth.

If your hair grows fast, you can trim it every day down to 4 or 5 mm. If you’re a bit slower, you can go 2-3 days and then trim and shape.

Ideally, you also want to moisturize and hit it with some beard oil to keep it shiny, soft, and clean. While trimming, you can even keep the mustache and chin area with a little bit of thicker hair to get that defined jaw look, especially if you happen to have a chubbier face.

Your facial structure also influences how you should style your beard and stubble. If your face is oval, you want to keep all the hairs even; that means the sides, chin, and mustache should be the same length.

For a more squared jaw, you want to accentuate the strength of your jaw by keeping the sides thick and full, but trim the neck high, so you can show off the edges of your jaw.

Similar to the squared jaw, a rectangular face also benefit from thicker sides and short bottoms, and crisp, clean lines on the cheeks. You could also give your beard a slight curve as you go from the sides to a higher mustache.

Best Haircuts For Heavy Stubble

With your clean and fresh new stubble look, you want a nice haircut to go along with it. Here are some ideas to complete the look:

The Bald Look

The Bald Look

That’s right, the bald look suits heavy stubble perfectly. Ask any bald man what he thinks makes his baldness much better and he’ll say a beard.

Well, we believe that a stubble look with a bald head is even nicer. It brings out your jaw, and balances your face and head well enough, without overtaking your entire face.

The Buzzcut

The Buzzcut

Nothing says rugged, masculine, and manly than a buzz cut with a beard. Even better, a buzz cut with heavy stubble.

This entire look screams effortless strength like you simply don’t care and just naturally look this tough. For the best possible look, have the length of your buzzcut matching or even shorter than your stubble.

Messy Top, Heavy Stubble

Messy Top, Heavy Stubble

There’s a theme with the intentional scruffy look. Having longer hair on top, but messing it up with some product instead of perfectly combing and styling it perfects the heavy stubble look. Again, remember intentional and effortless ruggedness.

Fading Into The Stubble

Fading Into The Stubble

It doesn’t get better than this. For this one, you actually want to look well-kempt and neat. This look is perfect for professional or formal situations.

Fading your sides perfectly into the same length as your stubble is the cleanest beard + hair combination you can get. Whether it’s long or short on top, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that cline line from your head to your jaw.


All in all, stubble is king when it comes to the grooming and facial hair game. There is just something about coming so close to a full beard but not quite that’s so appealing.

Whether you’re rocking light, medium, or heavy stubble, you’re sure to get the attention you’re after. Maintain it with a fitting hairstyle, and you’ve got all the tools you need.

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