The 10mm Beard: Why, What, How?

Beards are a man’s best friend; they truly are. With so many different options, styles, lengths, and things to do with them, you can never run out of new styles and new looks for you. In today’s article, we will be looking at the 10MM Beard.

Often times we wonder “How long should I go?”, “What is a good beard length in mm?” or “What is the most attractive beard length? Some prefer the stubble look, some the large lumberjack look, and some like it somewhere in the middle.

Obviously, there’s no perfect one-size-fits-all beard length or style, but we’ve chosen the 10mm beard as our favorite. Here’s why!

What Is A 10mm Beard?

What Is A 10mm Beard?

From its name, you can probably guess. A 10mm beard is a short beard that measures around 10mm in length. It’s a perfect middle point between short 3-4mm stubble, and longer, thicker beards.

Of course, men have different growth rates and it’s impossible to perfectly pin down what a 10mm beard looks like, but it’s actually what most men consider a “beard” as starters after the stubble phase.

A 10mm beard is ideal for those who perhaps struggle a bit with longer beards. Stubble is perfect for dudes with patchy beards, who just want something on their face to give it a good look.

On the other hand, if you’re a dude who can grow some facial hair but as soon as you venture into the long beard category, it becomes all patchy, dry, and brittle, then you’re better off going for the 10mm.

There are several examples of men who hit a rough spot with their beards once it gets too long, such as Mathew McConaughey, Tom Hardy, Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, and even Leonardo Di Caprio. Yet, once they trim things down to stubble or 10mm, they look great!

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Why Should I Wear A 10mm Beard?

As we’ve established, the 10mm beard is perfect if you don’t like going too long with your beard, or if you can’t let it grow out without some patchiness and issues.

For some men, the 10mm beard will lie in the awkward stage between stubble and a fully grown beard, but fret not, just wait.

Here’s the thing about short beards, they will look good no matter what. That’s why you see them so often on celebrities, businessmen, politicians, and even just the good-looking well-groomed guy at the office.

A long beard can be an acquired taste, and they definitely don’t look good on everyone. Have you ever seen actors growing out obnoxiously long beards for roles that really don’t fit them? Exactly.

With a short beard, however, you’re guaranteed to look neat and classic no matter the occasion. Are you dressed casually? It works. Wearing a suit? It works. It’s also less maintenance, which is always a plus.

What Length Is A Full Beard?

We use the term stubble so often, but what exactly is the demarcation point between stubble and a beard? It all depends on the length. Stubble will usually be around 3mm-4mm.

Once you go above that, you’re in the short, boxed beard category. Short and medium-length beards will fall over the 5mm and out of the awkward phase.

A full beard starts over the 2” or 5 cm mark. That’s when your beard can be legally registered as a beard in its driver’s license.

So, obviously, the 10mm beard isn’t in the long, full beard category but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grow one. At the end of the day, people will pretty much refer to anything on your face that covers your sideburns, cheeks, mustache, and chin as a “beard” 

How Long Does It Take To Grow A 10mm Beard?

How Long Does It Take To Grow A 10mm Beard?

The growth range of a 10mm beard will obviously change from one person to another, but a good ballpark is two weeks to a month. It all depends on your genetics, vitamins, testosterone, biotin, and all that stuff we can’t control.

The key here is patience. Even if you have great genetics, growing a beard is a process in which your confidence is tested.

A lot of men shy away from growing beards because they don’t like the way they look until they get to the point where they do, but that’s not an excuse.

Just wait it out, clean it up, and once you’re there, you’re there. Unless you plan on shaving again and restarting the whole process, it’s worth the wait.

This all sounds good, but what about the patchiness? Some men have been blessed with incredible beard-growing genetics, but some of us have patchy areas that we really struggle with. Here’s how you can help out your beard:

#1. Just Wait: Yup, just wait it out, and eventually, most of the patchy areas will fill out. As you age, your beard becomes less and less patchy so you may have to go on the short end until they unlock full beard mode.

If you’re in your 20’s, worry not. On the road to 30, your beard will become stronger and stronger. Your late twenties to thirties will see your beard reach its full potential.

#2. Supplement: As we’ve mentioned, biotin and vitamins play a big role in your hair growth in general. Some people have vitamin deficiencies which can really impact their entire hair, so supplementing with vitamins, biotin, and keratin could get you the results you want.

#3. Use Minoxidil: What is minoxidil? Minoxidil is a solution used to treat male pattern baldness, and it’s one of the few things that actually work. It comes in liquid or pills, and it helps your blood flow better and stimulates growth.

Even though it’s mostly used for hair loss, many men are now using it to stimulate their beards to tremendous results. It may be the only solution to extreme patchiness, but once you’re on it, you need to be consistent with it.

#4. Clean Up Your Diet: Your diet also plays a vital role in your hair, skin, and pretty much everything going on with your body.

With your beard, you want a good combination of iron, protein, healthy fats, zinc, and omega 3. We’re looking at lean meat, fish, nuts, avocadoes, and the like.

#5. Exercise: What? Yes! While there are no beard workouts at the gym, good weightlifting and cardio workout will raise your testosterone levels and help you grow a beard.

To grow the beard itself, assuming you’ll start at the clean-shaven state, you want to leave it completely untouched in the stubble phase until you have some good length.

Once it darkens up, use a brush to brush it daily to avoid straggly hairs. To keep the 10mm beard at, well, 10mm, you’ll need a beard trimmer with a 10mm guard. Trim it down once or twice a week, and you’re good to go.

How Many MM Is A 10-Day Beard?

While it can be confusing, a 10-day beard and a 10mm beard are actually quite different. A 10-day beard is more of a stubble beard around 4-5mm that takes 10 days to grow.

On the other hand, a 10mm beard is around double the length and may take you to double the amount of time to grow.

Which one is better? It’s really up to you and your preference, both are quite low-maintenance and look good on most people.

How To Maintain A 10mm Beard?

Just like any facial hair, a 10mm beard takes some care and attention to properly grow and maintain. Here are the best ways to do so:

Clean It Up

Your face and beard cleanliness are pivotal for healthy growth. That means you have to wash and cleanse your face and exfoliate once or twice a week.

This will clean up the gunk, dirt, and debris that may clog your pores and lead to ingrown hairs, acne, and a generally worse-looking beard.

Wash It

Just like your hair, your beard does need to be shampooed. Can you use any shampoo, though? Absolutely not. With your beard, you need special beard wash or beard shampoo which has ingredients that are not as hard on your face and skin as the ones in regular shampoo. Shampoo your beard 1-3 times a week for the best results.

Trim It

Trimming your beard ensures that it won’t go into grizzly bear territory on its own. Invest in a pair of good trimmers like the ones we recommend here, and trim your beard down a couple of times a week. 


Moisturizing your facial hair, no matter the length keeps it soft and nice to the touch. It will also help you avoid the grueling itchiness that may come with growing a beard.

Aside from moisturizing your face itself with regular moisturizer, you want to moisturize your beard and you have three options: Beard conditioner, beard balm, and beard oil. Beard oil is especially important, and it will keep your beard nice, soft, and shiny.

Clean Up Your Neck and Cheeks

You absolutely need to shave your neck and cheeks, especially with a short beard that looks like it expands up and down.

A good rule of thumb to shave your cheeks is to use a hair comb from the top of your ear to your cheek line and shave above it.

With your neck, you also want to shave up until the line is just over your throat. You don’t want to go too far up to your jaw.


The 10mm beard is quite a looker-on most men, and it’s a good and simple way to start your beard-growing journey.

Try it out to dip your toe, or beard, into the water, and perhaps you can go thicker from there. Let it grow, trim it, shape it, condition it, and you’ve got a first-class ticket to an attractive town.