Are Grey Beards Attractive in 2024?

You’ve started noticing your beard getting a little bit of colour, huh? Maybe you’re at the beginning stage, or maybe you’re a bit too far into the salt-and-pepper look. Well, fret not! If you’re wondering whether or not you still look attractive, and you wonder; are grey beards attractive? well, look no further.

Insecurity regarding signs of ageing is common among men, and humans have tried to maintain their youthful image for millennia, whether it’s by dyeing greying hair, rocking new styles, or even going as far as doing surgery.

However, you’d be surprised how much you actually don’t need to do this to appear more attractive. Let’s find out!


George Clooney

Are Gray Beards Attractive? Do women like it? Short answer? Surprisingly yes. While you might think that when it comes to attraction, younger is always better, but that’s not always the case.

There comes a time when you don’t want the young and brash energy, but more the older, wiser energy. There’s a reason celebrities like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and others are still regarded as some of the most attractive men alive, especially when they started showing their age a little bit more.

The human psychology of attraction is complicated, but it does make sense. For women, a graying beard signals that the man is more mature, wise, weathered, and most importantly: safe.

Yes, when you start looking your age a little bit more, it gives off the vibe that you’re more responsible, you know what you’re doing, and the paternal energy actually helps your chances.

Women are always attached to their fathers, and a lot of them spend their lives wishing for a man who can give them the same kind of care and love they found in their fathers.

If you look a little bit older, then you start fitting that criterion a little bit more. The grey signals that are gone are the days of the boy, and now are the days of the man.

Studies have even shown that a large percentage of women prefer some grey in their beards.


We’ve addressed that it does, but that’s not a bad thing. Remember when you were a child, and always wanted to look older? The same principle applies here. There is a degree of age that a gray beard implies.

After all, not any old is good old. You want to shoot for the mid-’30s to 40’s look, and that’s not as easy as it sounds.

A man’s thirties are his golden years, and his 40s are his ultimate stability years. How exactly can you achieve this range? You have two options

Salt and pepper

The salt and pepper, black and gray look is a classic look that suits pretty much any man. It’s the turning point between youth and maturity, where you don’t look too young, but not too old either.

A man with a little bit of white or gray in his beard is similar to a man with a few streaks of grey on the sides of his hair, it looks rugged and distinguished. How do I achieve this? You have two options:

1-Let nature take its course. You can just wait it out, eventually, your hair are going to get greyer naturally and you’ll have that salt-and-pepper look for a few years before the salt overtakes the pepper. The downside is, it won’t last long and might take a bit to get there.

2-Use beard pens. For this one, you’ll have to wait until your beard becomes completely grey, and then you’ll go in with black or brown beard pens to colour some of it dark and leave some of it white. This will result in a temporary salt and pepper. The downside is, that you’ll have to do it every day.

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After you’ve got the colour you want, now you’re wondering about style. Not all beards look great, and some definitely have the advantage over the others. Ultimately, it’s down to your preference and your style, but there are some that are universally beloved.

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It’s the epitome of classic. The goatee has been a staple beard for centuries, it can make you look like a distinguished and classy Victorian-era Englishman or a modern good-looking trimmed gentleman.

It’s the perfect halfway point between being clean-shaven, to let you exposing that sharp jawline while keeping some hair on there to give you some maturity and shape to your face. Works for Leo, right…?



Low-maintenance, rugged, manly, and looks great on any man, if they’ve got the genes for it. The lumberjack beard screams masculinity, and it works even better with some colour in it.

You don’t need to trim or shape it, except maybe a tiny bit. The lumberjack beard will keep your face warm in winter, and it’s sure to look attractive to others.

Even men are impressed by it and your ability to grow it. Just make sure you pair it up with some flannel, and perhaps do some woodworking on the side to complete the look.



When men start thinking of growing a beard, this is usually what they’re going for. A little bit on the shorter side, clean, cut, trimmed, and sharp.

This is about as classic, safe, and versatile as you can get. It fits any occasion, any outfit, any face shape, and any time.

You can go back a hundred years in the past or forward a hundred years in the future and you’d still find men rocking these beards. It takes effort to shape, and maintain it, but it’s worth it.



We’ve heard fading so often when it comes to hair, but now it has reached beards, too. It makes sense, if it gives sharpness to your hair, it gives sharpness to your beard.

You start with a shorter length on the sides and move up and up till you reach the moustache and chin. What you get are layers and freshness.

It’s the perfect modern look, especially when the fade of the beard matches the fade of the hair. It’s all about geometry and aesthetics with this one



It’s the king of all facial hair, and shockingly so. The best beard style is the one that has the least beard? Yes! Studies and surveys have shown that the stubble look is actually most attractive to women.

It makes you look mature, while still keeping you looking young enough. It shapes your face and jawline, without hiding it too much with a beard.

If you’ve got sharp cheeks and a good jawline, this is perfect for you. You’d have to trim it every day to keep it fresh, and it’s best to keep your neck and cheek line sharp. It’s also the ideal option if you struggle with growing beards or if it comes out patchy.

Finally, Are Gray Beards Attractive?

Overall, a beard will make you look better no matter what. Once you find the shape and style that suits you, you jump in an instant 5 points of attractiveness.

To add even more, the grey or salt and pepper look will up a couple more points. The most important part is experimentation, changing things up, and finding your look.

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