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Number 6 Haircut All Over

So, you’re thinking about changing up your haircut to something classic, safe, neat, and one that stands the test of time? Look no further than the number 6 haircut all over. The number 6 has been the go-to haircut for men for centuries as it’s easy, reliable, low-maintenance, and looks great.

Haircuts come and go, and it’s easy to choose a haircut that goes out of style quickly and then feels embarrassed. However, with haircuts like the number 6, the buzzcut, the military cut, and the executive, you will never look out of place should you accidentally travel through time a hundred years back or forward.

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How Long Is A Number 6 Haircut?

Before we get to why it’s great, it’s important to mention what it is in the first place. The number 6 refers to the guard length on the clippers. Usually, a number 1 or 2 is a skin fade, and a number 3 or 4 are a buzzcut.

So, the number 6 is only slightly longer than a buzzcut, but not long enough to be considered other haircuts. It falls into the short hair category. The number 6 is ¾ inch or 19mm long, just check your clipper guards and you should find one labeled “6”.

How Do You Cut A Number 6 Haircut?

The number 6 is actually quite flexible. Obviously, you can take your clippers to your head and go 6 all over, but you can also style it up in different ways. You can taper the sides with a shorter length and keep the 6 up top.

This will give your head better contour and give it a strong, angular look. You can also fade the sides and your hair will gradually go thicker near the top.

There are endless possibilities but the more you style it and change it, the more it loses its easy maintenance and low effort benefit.

An easy way to style your number 6 without going to the barber or needing complex fading methods is by using your hair clipper with the lever. Use the #6 guard with the lever open on top, giving you the highest look or biggest amount of thickness.

Then, make sure you close the lever, which will make the hair on the sides shorter. This is perhaps the easiest way you can style your haircut, and all you will have to do is go over it once every two weeks to keep it fresh and you’re good to go for life.

We’ve mentioned the fade, which is always hard to pull off on your own so you may have to go to the barber for this one. A fade can work with any length, but be careful not to go too low, as a skin fade wouldn’t look great with thicker hair on top.

You can start with the 6 up top, then a 5 or a 4 at the beginning of the sides going down, then eventually work your way down to a 3 or a 2 at the bottom of your sides near your ears.

Having a fade like that gives you the ultimate contouring of your face. It looks a bit like a military haircut, but the smoother the fade, the more stylish and modern it will look.

The fade will look great with a square head shape, but even better with around one, as it will contour it and make it look more dimensional instead of looking like a flat circle all throughout.

The Number 6 Haircut: Celebrity Edition

If you’re not convinced with the number 6 haircut, here are a few celebrities who rocked the look and made it much more interesting:

Stephen Amell

If you’ve seen the hit TV show Arrow, then you’ve noticed how the titular character likes to keep his hair short. Hey, superheroes need short hair to be able to fight, right?

Usually, on the show, he tapers the sides and has a low-maintenance look all throughout. What’s best is, when it grows longer, it keeps the taper and looks great until he cuts it back down.

Ryan Reynolds

Lately, Ryan Reynolds has been keeping his hair quite short, and it always looks terrific. Shorter hair can look more rugged and masculine on “prettier” guys, so it’s always a plus.

Even though he has a more diamond shape head, they fade with the number 6 looks stylish and makes his face shape look way better than with the long hair all over.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is another actor that rocks the masculine look to a tee. Whether he’s rocking a buzzcut, number 6, beard, no beard, whatever, he always looks rugged and ready to throw down. With a short hairstyle, you can look that tough and cool too.

Brad Pitt

If Brad Pitt pulls it off, then it’s definitely cool enough for us regular folk. Even though Brad Pitt has long, luscious hair, he’s not afraid to go super short sometimes and so shouldn’t you. A lot of men are scared they won’t look as good, but we’re here to tell you to just give it a try. 

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is another actor that defied the “pretty boy” look with short, rugged hair. Does he have a beard? No. Does he need one? Not really.

Pairing it up with some gym time makes all the difference. Does he look good with long hair? Yes, but even better when it’s short.

Will Smith

The number 6 haircut doesn’t just work on white hair, but all kinds of hair. Depending on the nature of your hair, it will look finer or coarser, but it still works.

With black hair, it’s best to skip the taper and go straight for the fade. The more you fade, the better it looks and the longer you will get out of it.

How Long Will The Number 6 Haircut Last?

It all depends on your genetics, some grow faster, some slower, but on average, your hair will grow at a rate of half an inch per month.

You would be safe going over your haircut once or twice a month. You can even leave the top for once a month and go over the sides every two weeks.

How To Cut A Number 6 Haircut At Home?

It’s easy, all you have to do is follow those simple steps:


You can’t go wrong with the #6 haircut. It looks good and it’s quite easy to do yourself at home. If you usually have longer hair, this is a good and safe area of short hair to experiment with. The most important thing is that, no matter your hairstyle, rock it with confidence!

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