MANGROOMER Professional Electric Back Shaver 2024 Review

It is true that living with back hair is no longer attractive or a sign of manliness. Unfortunately, this does not make eliminating that back hair any easier. With all the available manual and electric back shavers available on the market choosing one to suffice all your needs can be even more challenging.

And, this is probably why more and more men are opting for the MANGROOMER Professional Electric Back Shaver. This innovative and new product will not only accommodate all your back shaving needs, but it will do it with complete ease.

Professional Premium Blade Design

The blades are without a doubt one of the most important components of any razor or shaver. That is why the MANGROOMER Professional comes equipped with professional premium blades. This design will not only ensure that you get a stylish cut, but the blades are specifically designed to cut the hairs at 1.5 inches.

This not only means that the shave requires fewer strokes, but it eliminates the chances of ingrown hair and skin irritations, which is something that every man wants to avoid on his chest and back.

MANGROOMER Professional Do-it-yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

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Quick Charging Application

Battery applicable back and chest shavers are truly unique, as they can provide the power and portability that you need in a variety of situations. Unfortunately, the only problem is that the battery just doesn’t seem to last long enough.

Not to mention, that when it dies you probably spend hours waiting for it to charge. If this is a situation that you want to avoid altogether, you should consider investing in the MANGROOMER Professional Do-It-Yourself Shaver.

This powerful electric shaver not only offers quick charging options, but it operates at optimum power during the charging sessions. You literally never have to worry about the razor losing power and pulling out the hair, which will result in skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

Extendable And Adjustable Handle

Not every man out there is created with the same physique, arms, or stature. While this might seem unfair, it is just the way that life is. Some individuals are taller, while others are shorter with stubby arms. Whatever the situation is, it really won’t matter when you invest in the MANGROOMER Professional Shaver.

This product comes equipped with an extendable and adjustable handle that not only extends, but locks in place as well. Once you find that desired location to reach those troublesome spots, you can lock the handle in and cover the entire area of the back.

If you want to shave the chest you can easily press the button again and make the necessary adjustments to reach the chest area.

Long Battery Life

As mentioned-above battery back shavers are truly amazing but they usually just don’t provide the battery life that most individuals desire. Fortunately, this is not the case at all with the MANGROOMER Professional. This back and chest shaver come equipped with a state of the art battery that is capable of providing a battery life up to three hours.

When you compare this to the other models on the market, you are truly looking at one amazing product that can handle a variety of situations. And, this is not to even mention the quick recharge time.

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Rubberized Handle

It really doesn’t matter what type of product you are utilizing to shave your back or how you are utilizing it, if it doesn’t have a comfortable grip it is going to be hard to reach certain areas of the area. You might not only end up dropping the shaver, but you could strain just getting into position.

With the rubberized handle, you will not only be in complete control, but you can ensure that you will never drop the MANGROOMER, which could result in damage to the product or yourself. Check out the MANGROOMER Ultimate PRO Back Hair Shaver also.

Pros of MANGROOMER Professional Electric Back Shaver

  • Rubberized handle makes for ergonomic and comfortable operation
  • The battery lasts up to an impressive three hours
  • Extendable and lockable handle makes troublesome spots a thing of the past
  • Quickly and easily charge the battery when it dies
  • Premium blade design cuts back and chest hairs at approximately 1.5 inches
  • Powerful motor


  • Not applicable for wet and dry applications
  • Might be louder than anticipated

Overall Assessment

Living with back hair is no longer desirable or attractive. And, this is exactly why the MANGROOMER Professional Electric Back Shaver was created. It not only removes unwanted back hair, but it does it with ease. The rubberized and extended handle gives every user complete control of the device at all times.