7 Common Black Man Beard Problems & Remedies

Black Man Beard Problems & Remedies

What are the common black man beard problems? Even though everyone with a beard faces issues, black men have their unique problems when it comes to beard management. A lot of black men experience slow beard growth, and their natural hair texture can make it a challenge to maintain their beards.

Curly and coarse beard also makes them more prone to getting ingrown hair. In this article, we will go through some of the more common issues bearded black men face.

7 Common Black Man Beard Problems and Solutions

Common Black Man Beard Problems

Patchy Beard Growth

A patchy beard is a common issue among black men who are growing out their beards. It is when some parts of your beard are not as dense as other parts. This gives your beard an uneven look.

  • Cause

A patchy beard can be attributed to genetics. Some men are lucky enough to have dense and even hair has grown, while those less fortunate end up with an uneven beard. It seems that most men inherit it from their families.

If the men in your family have trouble growing a beard, you will end up having issues as well. Sometimes, it is an illness or an underlying medical condition that could be causing hair loss.

  • Remedy

The most important step in rectifying a patchy beard would be to figure out what is causing it. If it is a medical condition, you should get your health checked out. If it is genetics, you may try supplements and remedies to help your patchy beard.

The most common supplements used are vitamins and biotin. You can use natural remedies such as argan oil or castor to help promote beard growth.

Ingrown Hair

black man beard ingrown hair

Those who shave regularly have faced the problem of ingrown hair. It is when the shaved hair grows into the skin instead, and causes pain and inflammation.

  • Cause

Anyone who shaves regularly can get an ingrown hair, but black men are more likely to face this issue. Ingrown hair is more common in those who have curly hair since the chance of curly hair growing into the skin is higher. It is very common in black men aged 14 to 25, but older men can face troubles with ingrown hair as well.

  • Remedy

Ingrown hair is more likely to happen if you are going for a close shave. By avoiding close shaves, you can reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs. It is advisable that you invest in quality tools for maintaining your beards, such as razors, shaving cream, aftershave, and trimmers. You should also exfoliate your skin regularly since it helps with ingrown hairs.

Itchy Beard

Itchiness is a very common complaint amongst those who are trying to grow their beards. An itchy beard can lead to scratches and rashes, which is why it is important to treat the itchiness instead of just scratching away.

  • Cause

When you start growing your beard, the new hair growing scrapes your skin and irritates it – and this causes itchiness. There are many other reasons why your beard itches. It could be a poorly maintained beard, dry skin, acne, ingrown hair, or it could even be a medical issue.

  • Remedy

Addressing the root cause of the itchiness would solve the problem. If it is new hair growth, you can use aloe vera gel to soothe the irritation. Proper moisturizing should help with dry skin and itchiness caused by it. It is also important to maintain good hygiene when it comes to beard maintenance.

Beard Acne

Beard acne is a fairly common problem amongst black men who have skin that is either sensitive or too oily. With acne, you also get inflammation, discomfort, and itchiness.

  • Cause

Acne of all kinds is caused by bacteria infecting a hair follicle. Having a beard makes you more prone to getting acne, especially if you have sensitive skin. Another cause for acne can be shaving, which can irritate the skin.

  • Remedy

You can prevent beard acne by taking proper care of your skin and beard. You should always use high-quality razors while shaving so that your skin can avoid being tugged and pulled at. A good razor will also prevent you from getting too many cuts and nicks, which means there is less chance of bacteria getting in and causing acne.

You should also pay attention to the shaving cream and aftershave you use. They can contain ingredients that irritate your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you should choose products that are specifically formulated for your skin type.

Dry Skin Under Beard

When the top layer of your skin loses moisture, you end with skin that is dry and flaky. With a beard, dry skin brings additional problems such as irritation and itchy skin.

  • Cause

There can be a lot of reasons why your skin under your beard is dry and flaky. The temperature, humidity, and even dust can make your skin, and your beard, lose moisture. Sometimes, dry skin could result from skin or beard products that are too harsh.

  • Remedy

Moisturizing your skin and beard will help combat dry skin. Quite often, dry skin comes with a dry beard. Make sure that you are cleaning and conditioning your beard with suitable products. To ensure that your skin is hydrated, use oils such as jojoba and argan. You can also use other moisturizing oils such as coconut and castor oil. Shea butter, a potent moisturizer, can help smoothen your skin and get rid of dryness and flakiness.

If your skin is prone to getting dry, you should avoid exposing it to heat in the form of hot showers, hairdryers, and flatirons.

Tangled Beard

Tangled beard is an issue that plagues those who have been growing their beard out for a while. It is common in those with long beards, and it can be frustrating trying to deal with knots and tangles.

  • Cause

The most common reason for a tangled beard is a lack of grooming. To maintain a beard, it is important that you care for it.

  • Remedy

Proper grooming should solve any issues with knots and tangles. It is important that you choose a good quality shampoo and conditioner for your beard. Make sure that your beard is properly moisturized with oils, balms, or other hydrating products. To get the knots out, brush your beard when it is wet.

Brittle Beard

All of us have experience with hair breakage and split ends. But did you know that your beard can go through the same thing? Beards being brittle is a common occurrence that can affect anyone. When the hair on your beard breaks, it can look patchy and uneven.

  • Cause

Usually, your beard hair breaks because of improper care. Not moisturizing your beard enough, using a brush too harshly, using harsh shampoos, and using too much heat, can all lead to a brittle beard.

  • Remedy

To revitalize your beard, make sure that you are taking proper care of it. Make sure that you use good quality beard products, make sure to moisturize, and avoid the heat, and harsh chemicals. If you are suffering from split ends, you will need to trim your beard.

Additional Problems

Other than the seven common issues discussed here, black men who are looking to grow a beard can experience additional problems.

Beard Dandruff – Dry skin, or an infection, can cause beard dandruff. Your beard is not exempt from getting dandruff and needs specialized care if you do suffer from it. If dryness is the cause, you can moisturize and solve the issue. If it is a fungal infection, you may need specialized products or even a visit to the doctor.

Greying Beard – Even though greying is a natural process, it is not welcomed by many. A lot of people suffer from premature greying. If your beard is turning white, it may make you look older. You can consider dyeing your hair if greying bothers you. If you want to stop premature aging, you can try adding supplements to your diet and making lifestyle changes.

Basic Beard Care Solutions For Black Men

It is important to have a proper routine for beard care if you want your beard to look great. Here are some of the things you can add to your routine :

  • Wash your face and your beard regularly.
  • Use products that suit your skin type. If you have dry skin, using products meant for oily skin can make your skin even drier.
  • Exfoliate regularly. Oil and dead skin can clog your hair follicles and cause bumps, or acne.
  • Moisturize your beard and your skin.
  • Choose the right tools and products for grooming your beard. Use good quality beard oil, beard balm, and beard wash.
  • Do not use hair or body products on your beard.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle to promote beard growth. Eat healthy food, exercise regularly, and take necessary supplements.
  • Make sure that you trim and shape your beard regularly.


Growing a beard comes with its struggles. It takes effort to maintain and grow a beard that looks amazing. While there might be challenges that black men face when growing their beards, it is definitely a worthwhile endeavor.

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