Black Men with Gray Beards

Black Men with Gray Beards is a hit any day, any time. Seriously, have you seen Idris Elba these days? Greybeards for black men are an instant hit, and here’s why!

Does a grey beard look good? Without a doubt. As men, we’re often worried about aging and getting a little grey or white in our hair and beard, but there is actually no reason to.

You would be surprised at how attractive a grey beard is for women. Obviously, there are levels of the gray beard, but in general, they look great, especially on black men.

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Does A Gray Beard Look Good?

Black Men with Gray Beards

Beards are all about aesthetics and what they imply. A beard, in its purest form, signifies maturity and strength. Men with beards are often regarded as manlier, and that’s beside the fact that it simply makes you look better.

Seriously, 9 out of 10 guys look better with a beard. That’s why all of us hate the baby face we get back in the mirror when we shave.

A beard contours your face and hides any imperfections giving you a stronger jaw and chin and elongating your face.

The color makes a big difference too since it’s like mascara for men. All great warriors across history rocked beards, so why shouldn’t you?

Now on the topic of greying beards, studies have shown that a large number of women find men with grey hair and beards more attractive. This may sound surprising but it actually makes a ton of sense.

See, women gravitate towards men who are either older or just give off more mature and wise energy. It’s all about psychology, an older man will have more experience, more intelligence, less hotheaded energy, and will be a reliable and caring partner.

This is why you rarely find women who marry men who are younger than them, and even when it does happen, it’s never a large gap.

So, where does the grey beard come in all of this? Does a grey beard age you? Well, the grey beard will give off the illusion (or fact) that you are more mature and responsible, and that you’ve got some years on your belt.

Seriously, a grey-bearded man is a seasoned, weathered man who has been through the ropes and is ready to face anything. A little dramatic? Possibly, but the thought still counts.

When Does A Grey Beard Come In?

If you’re convinced about the grey beard, you may not have to wait long. Usually, men’s hair will start greying in their 30’s, but it could start earlier in their 20’s. It’s all down to genetics.

See, our body produces something called Melanin, which gives your hair and beard their color. As we age, the body stops producing that Melanin in certain areas over time until we go grey and then white.

First, you’ll start off with a few grey hairs, usually in the chin area, before moving on to the rest of your beard. By the time you’re in your late 40s to 50s, you can expect a full grey beard.

Is there another way to get a grey beard? Well, you can dye it, but that’s a little more complicated. Dyeing from grey to dark is easy, but dyeing from dark to grey is not so easy.

First of all, you will have to bleach your beard, which is a bit of a hassle but there are several products that can help you achieve that. You can view them here. After you dye your beard if you want some dark in there.

What is a grey beard called?  That specific style is called the salt and pepper look, you can go in with beard pens to intricately touch up your beard for the desired look.

Black Men with Gray Beards

Beard styles for black men differ slightly from others, as the hair itself is coarser and curlier, which requires some more maintenance, shaping, and grooming.

For example, while the stubble or 5-o’clock shadow looks great on a lot of men, it’s better to go for something thicker for black hair, as the stubble doesn’t look as organized.

On the other hand, going super long with a very thin mustache looks great on black men, though not great on others. For grey beards for black men, these are our top picks:

1. The Goatee

The Goatee

No two ways about it, the goatee fits all kinds of hair, skin colors, and face shapes. You can never go wrong with a well-trimmed goatee, and a grey one will look even better and give you some edge and wisdom.

For black men, it’s best to trim your goatee and really edge it up. Go with a thin mustache and a well-shaped chin. Rock the goatee with short, faded hair, and you’ve got the perfect combination.

2. The Mustache and Soul Patch

The Mustache and Soul Patch

This one is definitely an acquired taste, but when it looks good, it really looks good! The mustache and soul patch is more of a “cowboy” look, but it sure looks great on black men like Eddie Murphy and Michael Jordan.

This kind of beard takes intense grooming, as you’ll likely have to shave every day unless you want salt and pepper stubble on top of it.

However, with a little grey in there, not only do you look unique and stylish, but you also look like a wise and weathered unique and stylish man. Definitely give it a try.

3. Full Short Beard

Full Short Beard

This is the classic everyman beard and for good reason. The short grey beard is perfect if you want to LOOK older and wiser, but you don’t want to venture too much into the old category.

This type will keep you looking mature, but still fresh, and it looks best with salt and pepper instead of a full grey beard, so you may want to bust out your beard pens for this one.

The one downside to this type of beard is that if you naturally grow patchy facial hair, it may not be the best option as it will definitely show. For patchy hair, it’s best to go for the goatee, mustache, or soul patch. 

4. The Black Panther Beard

The Black Panther Beard

Admittedly, I couldn’t think of a name for this beard but it looked really good on Chadwick Boseman, may he rest in peace, in Black Panther.

You have a very thin mustache, a thicker goatee, and a chin, with a connecting line from the sideburns.

It definitely looks original and it stands out, so it would look even better with a little bit of grey in there. It pairs up perfectly with the messier, longer hair too.

5. The Long Bushy Beard

The Long Bushy Beard

The big bushy beard looks great on black men, especially when the edges are razor-sharp with a thinner mustache.

It’s kind of like an afro for your hair, and even though it takes a lot of maintenance, shaping, oiling, and brushing, it’s worth it in the end.

With a few or a lot of grey hairs, then you’re officially in the cool, old warrior territory with this style of beard.

6. Shorter Sides, Pointy Chin

Shorter Sides, Pointy Chin

This is one of those beards that instantly look good on anyone. Pointy beards look great, and this style pairs the effortless “let it grow out” attitude, with the stylish grooming and shaping of the sides.

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At the end of the day, a grey beard will always look cool, wise, mature, and attractive. No matter which style you’re going for, you will find that it goes well with some grey in there and it’s best to first experiment in the salt and pepper stage.

Before adopting that look full-time once your beard turns grey, and if it does turn grey and you want to dye it, you may want to reconsider leaving some grey in there and seeing how you like it, as others certainly will.