What Would I Look Like Bald? The 5 Best Bald Apps to Check

Baldness is unique and many people wonder how they will look if they are bald. People who come from families with bald genes but they are yet to be bald ask this question the most.

Thanks to developers who have created apps that could work on android and IOS which can produce a bald head view of its user. If you’re always bothered about how your look is going to be if you’re bald.

This article will go over how bald will look like on you, what kind of face shape look good bald, the signs of going bald, and how to smoothly move to baldness without feeling bad.

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Checking Out How Bald Will Look Like On You

What Would I Look Like Bald?

People who are always eager to know they look if they are bald can try to use various mobile bald app. There are several bald apps but here are a few mentioned below. They are available on the play store or app store.

#1. BaldBooth

If you are really wondering how you will look if bald, the Bald booth app is a great option for you. Bald booth developers also designed varieties of different apps that do other simulations. They include the Aging booth, Fat booth, and other apps that can change how a person looks initially.

Getting the Baldbooth is easy, you can download them on your mobile devices. It does not accept any charges before downloads unlike other apps but has limited functions. They created the app for people who wants to know how being bald looks like on them.

Download on GooglePlay Store or on the App Store for iOS users

#2. Make Me Bald

Make Me Bald is also an app that helps to temporarily create baldness on its user. It is only available on the play store for Android users, it is not available on the App Store for IOS users.

The app does not have much quality unlike Bald Booth but it is fun and easy to navigate.

The app allows its users to shave the head of what they uploaded on the app and will be displayed to them. The results are cartoonish but will give you a good insight into how baldness looks like on you.

#3. Baldify

Baldify is also another great app to use if you want to know how being bald will look like. It has been designed by the developers of the app to show the stages of being bald as it will help their users to know the stages involved before going bald completely.

Also, various hair thicknesses and colors are present on the app to make it seem perfect. The company also does various similar apps just like Bald booth.

They also have other apps that could change how a person looks like depending on the type you want. They include Oldify, Zombify, and Fatify.

Download on GooglePlay Store or on the App Store for iOS users.

We also have

#4. Bald Face
#5. Face Changer

How Do I Know If I Look Good With Bald Head?

How Do I Know If I Look Good With Bald Head?

Not everyone looks good with a bald head sadly, being bald is not a big deal. Make sure you develop the courage to start going out to different destinations bald. Lots of people will comment on your new look and might even be jealous of being bald too.

Check out yourself in front of a standing mirror while dressed out in style and elegance. You can also decide to be bald with stubble or shave it all. It is all fashion.

What Kind of Face Shape Looks Good Bald?

It is essential to be careful when labeling a face shape good or bad for baldness. Baldness is rarely a choice and it is something men must live with irrespective of what their face shape looks like.

However, indeed, certain face shape does not fit baldness, it’s important to feel down over whether you have the require face shape or not.

The most important is to have the mindset that a bald head goes with any face shape provided you go with some styling tips.

Signs and Symptoms of Going Bald

Baldness does not just happen on the head suddenly. There is no part of the human body that has hair that cannot go bald. Balding occurs with aging, as we grow older, we tend to become bald especially people who have the genes and traits of becoming bald in their families.

Signs of Balding

Everyone bald or yet to be will surely have observed little signs before going bald totally. Balding doesn’t just come suddenly, it takes years before even it comes up totally.

The most common signs of balding will be explained. These are many ways that balding begins to manifest.


Thinning is a major common sign in the process of balding. It is a process of having minor hair loss. Studies show that men tend to have baldness than women, but both genders tend to see this sign when balding.

It begins at the forefront of the hairline for most men, unlike women which thinning, mostly starts from the top of their head.


Patching is also another major common sign of baldness. Instead of hair thinning, patching also signifies to be a sign of balding. Strands of hair will then disappear from time to time.

It might not be obvious that you are losing hair, but you might start noticing probably during a shower, combing the hair, or washing. If you notice excess strands of hair are removed, carefully observe if patching is occurring.

The patching process often begins from one side on top of the head and leads to total baldness over time.


This sign of loosening hair is a result of physical or emotional shock. The hair might just start falling out after washing your or even tugging. It is a sign of baldness coming. However, loosening of hair can also be due to another reason.

Being aware of what you apply to your hair is very important. If you notice your hair is reacting to a product, stop immediately and seek medical advice.

Care of the hair is very important, but unfortunately, control of genes can hardly be controlled in this case if it runs in the family.

How to Avoid Being Bald

Sadly, being bald might be inevitable for some people who genetically inherit balding. It is not an illness, it is just a medical condition.

But, those who are avoiding getting bald before growing old should follow the below-explained process. These are;

Damaging Hair Styles Should Be Avoided

Several conditions could cause balding of the head. Damaging hairstyles should be avoided if you don’t want to be bald. Tight hairstyles like braiding or any other style that might put pressure on the hair should be avoided.

If the hair are been pulled too much, hair follicles do poorly when under such conditions. These tight hairstyles are mostly done by women but few men who plait their hairs too should also be aware.

Avoidance of Excessive Touching and Twisting

As we know tight hairstyles can pull the hair follicles too much and make them weak. Excessive touching and twisting of the hair should be avoided.

People who are addicted to touching and pulling their hair now and then should avoid it. Hair is delicate, even when they are thick and healthy. It causes baldness even if it is not in the genes or yet to show up on your head. It speeds up the process of balding more than natural.

Excessive washing and combing

If you notice you are losing your hair, excessive washing and combing become an added problem. The rate of hair will be too high so that baldness set in quickly. There are several products that can provide tender conditioning, but still, it is excessive washing could hair loss quickly.

Washing should be done in such a way as to avoid over wash of hair with conditioner or shampoo. Applying too much pressure will cause the hair to pull out quickly.

There are several things to do to smooth over the balding process, just as there are several rumors about caring for a balding head. It’s important to not fall victim to these rumors.

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Going bald from having hair might be tough. Possession of hair is paramount for almost everybody, and when the hair starts disappearing, it could be a bit worrisome. Trying to know how you’ll look if bald would be a nice idea to prepare your mind. Suggested apps mentioned above can help you view how you’ll look if bald.

However, knowing the shape of the face does not affect being bald or not. It would build confidence in anyone who is just starting to get bald and makes it feel a bit less frightening. Understanding the signs and what could cause loss of hair, how to successfully move to be bald, you can go forward with a confident perspective to balding.

Bald people do make it look great to even consider being bald, if styled properly with or without beards, it can look great on your face than having hair on your head.