Can You Use Nair On Your Head?

Seriously. Wouldn’t it be great if we could simply go without shaving? The pain involved, the rashes that affect sensitive skin, that prickly feeling and at an unholy frequency too! But, Can You Use Nair On Your Head? No rush, we will find out soon.

Just imagine: We wouldn’t need to shave off overgrown hairs or worry about getting the perfect summer body.

It’s impossible.

Or is it?

Not really.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: It’s impossible to keep your hair from growing forever. And maybe it is.

But! What if there was a way to get rid of your hair by simply wiping it off? There you have it; the Nair depilatory cream that dissolves hair off your skin.

Can You Use Nair On Your Head?

Can You Use Nair On Your Head

First off: What Is Nair?

Simply put: Nair is a hair removal product. A depilatory, more specifically.

What it means:

A depilatory is a chemical formulation that breaks down the internal structure of the hair on you, meaning it can easily be wiped off along with the depilatory you’ve applied.

Note: Depilatories like Nair come in multiple forms; a cream, a gel, a lotion.

Additionally, Nair has specially formulated products for you if your skin is sensitive.

Fast and easy to use, Nair is cheaper than other options like laser hair removal and is an industry standard. This is the question though:

Can I Use Nair On My Head?

Well: Seeing as it is a hair removal product, the answer seems obvious at first glance. However, Using Nair for head hair removal is a little bit more complicated.

How you may ask? Nair serves a primary purpose; removing hair. The hair on your head, however, is far longer than what is typically found on say, your legs or bikini lines.

It’s less likely to be as effective that way.

Does that mean you can’t use Nair for your head hair removal?

Not at all.

However: You do have to pay attention to the exact formulation you get; you need something strong enough to do the job.

So what’s the problem?

Putting Nair on the head means the chemical formulation comes in direct contact with your scalp which is significantly more sensitive than your hands for example.

Why do I say this? Using Nair on your head puts you at risk of irritating your skin or worse; suffering a chemical burn. Still not convinced?

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How Does It Work?

We all know, Nair is a chemical product, yes. But how does Nair work exactly? Why does using it for your head hair removal put your scalp at risk of being compromised? Let me show you how.

Nair works in two stages.

The first:

Gaining Entry

What the Nair does here is cause the shaft of your hair to swell. This grants the chemicals easy passage into the hair so they can break it down.


Dissolving Keratin Bonds

Okay, what are Keratin bonds?

Think of your hair as being made up of thin fibers made out of protein spun together.

These fibers are Keratin.

Keratin Bonds

Now, what the Nair does is dissolve the bond that holds the fibers together, weakening your hair to an absolute.

After: A simple wipe will cleanse your skin of unwanted hair.

However, Due to its chemical composition, the process of entering the hair and breaking it down can have adverse effects.

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What Is In Your Nair?

A depilatory formulation has two major parts:

There are other parts of course. We have:

  • Water to help regulate the concentration.
  • Fragrance for a marketable scent to make up for any chemical odor.
  • Alcohol and Sulfides are often present alongside other lesser ingredients.

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How To Apply Nair To Your Head; Expert Tips

How To Apply Nair To Your Head

The professional tips I provide are geared towards helping you apply Nair on your head safely and effectively.

Here’s how:

  • Choose Your Product Carefully
  • Go Through The Instructions
  • Assess Your Skin
  • Start With A Patch Test
  • Follow The Instructions Strictly
  • Prepare For Accidents
  • Carry Out Aftercare

It really is that simple.

Choose Your Product Carefully

Remember, This may be the most important step you’ll take. Look at it this way.

Nair has come to be a general name for a wide range of hair removal products. If you want to get a product, research the particular brand that you intend to purchase before getting it.

Go Through The Instructions

I know that feeling: What’s the worst that could happen? It’s something we all do.

Every product is unique and varies slightly. Before applying Nair on your head, make sure that you go through the Instructions attached so you know exactly what to do.

Assess Your Skin

You know the score: Hair removal creams dissolve your hair. Using it on skin that is affected by cuts and sores can lead to infections and more severe skin issues.

Start With A Patch Test

Just so you know, you should start off by testing the depilatory on a small area that can be easily hidden.

Follow The Instructions Strictly

This is really pretty basic: The instructions are there for a reason. When you apply the cream or lotion, use it according to the manufacturer’s directions.

In fact:

It is advisable to leave the product on your skin for the absolute minimum time recommended if it’s your first time.

Prepare For Accidents

Look, sometimes, even the best of plans go wrong. If you’re going at this, then you should have at hand:

  • A washcloth with a bowl of water
  • An Alkaline Cleanser
  • Petroleum Jelly

Of course, this is in case you suffer from a chemical burn during the process.

Carry Out Aftercare

The importance of this can’t be said. Make sure to use a good moisturizer that will leave your skin soothed and hydrated. Also, aftercare products with shea butter or argan oil are among the best. Using this is the best way to ensure you don’t suffer from a chemical burn or skin irritation.

FAQs on Using Nair on Head

Using Nair on Head

Here are answers to some questions you might have about Nair on the head.

How Long Does It Take Nair To Work?

The time required for a Nair product to take effect varies according to where it is applied to and a host of other factors. In general, though, about six minutes is usually enough.

How Long Does Nair Work For

Again, this depends. It can however usually last from a week to two weeks but that’s dependent on your hair’s rate of growth.

Is there a hair removal cream for men’s heads?

Yes. Just browse through the product catalogs of big names like Nair and Veet and you will discover hair removal creams specially formulated for men’s heads.

Can you use hair removal on your head?

Definitely. As long as you follow the instructions here in this article, then you have nothing to fear.

What happens if you put Nair on your hair?

Your hair gets broken down. Remember: Nair is filled with chemicals that help it to dissolve the structure of your hair and reduce it to a jelly-like state.

How can I permanently remove hair from my head?

If you want to remove the hair from your head and not have to watch it grow back ever again, then sadly, chemical depilation is not for you. This means that Nair On Head won’t do the job. You can try these instead:

But, keep in mind that there is a risk of developing scar tissue and suffering from complications.

  • In A Nutshell

You asked if you can use Nair on your head.  The answer is yes.

But remember: Using Nair on the head is capable of causing unintended effects.

So what’s the secret?

It’s simple; follow this guide and Go make it happen.

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