20 Excellent & Fashionable Haircuts for Boys 2024

As a parent with a boy child, you have so many responsibilities, one of which is choosing your child’s haircut. Especially if he is still a toddler. You want your child to look great and stand out among his peers. Here are our carefully selected haircuts for boys to choose from.

In recent times, so many fashionable boy haircuts have emerged. With hairstylists trying to outdo themselves, coming up with creative and trendy hairstyles for the boy-child. This gives parents a massive boy hairstyles list to choose from.

Haircuts for Boys

If your kid is in his teens, he might be able to make a hairstyle choice for himself. However, if he is way younger, this decision has to be made by you. When choosing a hairstyle for your kid, you have to take a creative approach. You don’t want your child to end up looking like a dork after getting the wrong haircut.

As your child grows, you should give him the opportunity to discover his own choice of haircut style. Make sure you regularly take your kid to a professional barber to get a good haircut. A nice haircut can improve the confidence of your kid and even make him more friends at school.

When you eventually make a choice on which haircut you want for your kid, ensure you take note of it for next time. However, do not be scared to switch things up some other time, as there are many hairstyles that can fit your child.

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Fashionable Boys Haircuts.

This Gallery features various boys’ haircuts from which you can make your pick. Some of the boy hairstyles include French crop, bowl cut, fade, flat top, spiky, quaff, and much more.

Depending on your boy’s hair texture and length, there are various straight, curly, and wavy hair types. Many of these haircuts fit schoolboys.

  1. Short Spiky Top + Mid Fade

Short Spiky Top
Credit: Men’s Hairstyle Now

It is a great haircut for school kids. Fades usually go well with any kind of hair length. This particular hairstyle offers a clean taper with the top looking like a hedgehog.

Trimming techniques such as low fade, mid fade, or high fade can be applied to the sides using a clipper. It is one hairstyle that will never go out of style.

Your toddler or teen boy can rock this cute hairstyle to school. It is also easy to maintain. If you want to have the cook kid look, this is the style for you.

  1. Bowl Cut + Low Fade with Hard Part

bowl cut
credit: mrkidshaircuts.com

If he likes putting a bowl on his head, then he is probably trying to tell you something. The bowl cut is a great choice for a little boy. This is a very stylish and modernized version of the classic bowl haircuts. It is done by having the sides separated from the top by a sharp line (the line is often referred to as the “hard part”).

The scissors then come into play, using them to trim and shape the top of the hair. This is followed by the taper fade. It is a quite fashionable style for young boys.

  1. Short Quiff + Mid Fade with Hair Design

short quiff
Credit: Pinterest

You certainly want the best for your boy. Here is one hairstyle that can make him stand out. With various designs available to choose from, your kid will surely become the talk of the class. The barber will know the best design for your kid. However, you can also let him make his choice.

It is a trendy boy’s haircut. The top hair can be cut using different techniques; however, this style goes great shit short hair lengths. It is great for wavy or straight hair types.

  1. Mid Taper Fade + Bowl Cut

mid tape fade
Credit: Pinterest

The bowl haircut is pretty common for young kids. It looks like a downward-facing bowl on top of the head. You can also know it by the common name – mushroom cut. It is done by cutting part of the hair to a short length and leaving the top of the hair long.

Common hair techniques that can make this style look great are the French crop or the Caesar cut. This is done for the front hair. You can make a choice between Taper fade or mid fade to be applied to both sides.

  1. Flat Top Fade (Box Fade) with Hard Part

flat top fade
Credit: Men Hairstyles

Flat-top hairstyles are very common, especially among black boys. Having been around for a long time, this hairstyle is still pretty much in style today. The upper hair is cut to be the same length in a flat form. This particular hairstyle comes with a box fade which is done by clipping the sides.

With a razor, the hard part is introduced by shaving a clean line down to the scalp. This haircut looks great on young boys as well as toddlers.

  1. Curly Long Fringe + Low Fade with Surgical line

curly long fringe
credit: Novocom.top

Another great boys’ haircut, especially for little boys is the Curly long fringe. If your kid’s hair is very long with curls, then this haircut is a great choice.

Long hair lengths are left on the top part while a trimmer is used to shave the side parts. Regardless of your child’s age, this haircut is suitable for him.

  1. Medium crew cut + hard part fade


medium crew
Credit: Pinterest

Here is one sweet classical boy haircut for your cute teen boy or adorable toddler. This crew cut is it’s quite trendy and can have various modern hairstyles added to it. A fade haircut is applied on the sides by clipper and also hard part to add more Style. This haircut will make your kid stand out among his peers.

  1. Curly Messy Fringe + Low Fade with Design

curly messy fringe
Credit: EntertainmentMesh

Your little boy got natural long curly hair? Why not let him have this adorable haircut. It will also look great on teenage kids as well. The sides are shaved while giving the top parts enough lengths.

  1. Short crew cut + taper fade with design

short crew cut
Credit: Hairstyle Camp

If you want a creative hairstyle for your boy this is the one to go for. The crew cut style is more than a classic haircut, it is way more modern now.

Hair designs are done with razors to make this cool haircut look even cooler.

  1. Classic French Crop with a Twist

classic french crop
Credit: Pinterest

This is a pretty cool haircut for toddlers. It is quite easy to style, so you can get done quickly before school. The haircut has more hair length on the top while the side has taper or mid fade. Even when your kid plays rough in school, this hairstyle will still look stylish when he comes back home.

  1. Slicked Back Side Part

slicked back side
Credit: Men’s Hairstyles

Here is another great haircut for young boys. It is done by leaving enough length on the top and adding tight fade to the sides. It is quite easy to manage and gives your kid a great appearance.

  1. The Undercut

the undercut
Credit: Novocom.top

This haircut is basically having two lower sides while having a longer top. This haircut goes great with straight and curly hair. It could also be turned into a mix of fade cut and disconnected cut. This all depends on the choice you make and how good your stylist is.

  1. Ivy League cut with Tapered Sides

Ivy League cut with Tapered Sides
Credit: Instagram @Salon_Bergler

The Ivy League cut will make you boy look sleek and sharp. Leaving enough hair on the top, the hair is parted to the side, giving a clean look and well-groomed finish. This style might need a little gel to hold it in place.

  1. Mille Cut

Mille Cut
Credit: InformationNGR

This haircut features a bare minimum textured layer with a very closely knitted fringe. There are also bits of fade sides added which all depend on the shape of your head. It would look really great on black kids. However, white kids can rock this style too.

  1. Black Retro High Top

Black Retro High Top
Credit: AtoZ Hairstyles

This is a cool kid haircut with a retro feel. The top can be either high or flat depending on your preference. Barbers recommend this hairstyle for slim kids, although it would look great on anyone.

Choosing Boy Hairstyles, “The How”

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for your kid, it might seem like a complicated task. Cool hairstyles make you look trendy and adorable. You would want your kid to look great in school or anywhere else. There is the misconception that choosing a girl’s hairstyle is more complicated than choosing one for a boy. This is not true, as sometimes it is even more complicated to choose the right hairstyle for a boy.

Here are certain things you need to know before you choose a particular hairstyle for your boy child. Choosing a great hairstyle for your kid would not only make him adorable but also boosts his self-esteem.

Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Observe the face.

Is it round or squared? The shape of the face is an important factor in choosing a hairstyle. While the square face is pretty common among boys, many also have round or oval faces. The face area will help you know the kind of style and the length of your child’s hair.

Knowing the face’s shape will let you know what to enhance or hide with the haircut. Might be the eyebrows or the forehead, you need to observe the face to know this.

Type of hair

All hairs are not made the same. While some are curly, some are straight. There are so many variations of hair texture and this information can help you choose a great hairstyle. If your kid has curly hair, then you should not be choosing straight-cut hairstyles.

There are various chemicals and products that can be used to style any kind of hair. However, it is usually cannot last a long time and can be expensive. If you are looking for a haircut that will last a long while, find out the type of hair your kid has.

Time to get ready.

You don’t want your kid running late because he is styling his hair. It is often inferred that girls take a longer time to get ready. However, boys also take a lot of time to get ready, most of which is spent on styling the hair.

You should choose a hairstyle that can easily be styled without running the risk of getting late. During holidays, when your kid has a lot of free time, he can get a hairstyle that requires much styling time.


When it comes to styling hair, products like styling gel, hair creams, etc are essentials. Styling hair makes it look great and more fashionable. However, there are many haircuts that don’t need extra styling. It can also be expensive to maintain some hairstyles. If you do not fancy using many hair products, then choose a hairstyle that doesn’t require that.


Your kid might prefer a particular haircut to others. He might have seen it on another kid at school or probably in a movie. This might influence his choice and you should probably let him make it. However, if you have another preference that you think would look great on him, then the choice is yours.


All stylists are barbers but not all barbers are stylists. Most barbers know how to give you a nice haircut. However, a stylist will give you the best hairstyle that fits. When it comes to giving your kid the best haircut, we suggest you choose a hairstylist to do the job.

To find a great hairstylist, you can ask around or check on the net for information. Ensure you check out reviews about the stylist to know.


Many parents want to give their kids the best. For the male kids, this includes a great haircut. In recent times, male haircuts have become so sophisticated that it can be quite hard to make a choice. However, this guide features 15 haircuts that will look great on your kid many of which are appropriate for school.

You can give him the freedom of making a choice himself. Don’t forget to note the tips mentioned above while making a choice.