How to Shave Your Head with Clippers for The First Time

There are many reasons to shave your head yourself. Maybe barbershop if too far away, or he’s not working during the holidays, or you just want to choose your style yourself. Whatever reason you have, we’re not here to judge. We’re here to help. If you want to shave your head with clippers but you’re still confused as to what to do, keep on reading, and you’ll get just what you need.

Why would you shave your hair?

Several reasons may encourage someone to shave their head. People cut their hair

  • To follow a particular fashion trend they seek
  • Because their hair is falling off and they’re better off cutting it completely
  • To reduce the heat during the summer
  • To support a family member or a friend going through chemotherapy
  • Because their head simply looks better that way

What do you need to shave your head?

  • To shave your head, you need the following tools:
  • Electric Razor
  • Several blades
  • Electric clippers or scissors
  • Shaving cream
  • A mirror
  • A conditioner or a moisturizer

How to Shave Head with Clippers?

How to Shave Head with Clippers

This process includes several steps that you need to follow accordingly in order to get the best results. Some of these steps are too simple while others may require some practice. Few weeks at home wouldn’t hurt if you ruin your head, right?

Step1: Start with the clippers

Start by cutting your hair with the clippers to reduce its length. Do it until you have a fourth of an inch left. If your hair is too long, consider using your scissors first then move to the electric clippers, as that gives more effective results.

Step 2: Take a shower

If you’re used to shaving your beard, you know how important it is to have a shower before doing so, as that opens pores and soften your skin. Before shaving your head, take a quick shower with warm water. If you don’t want to go through the whole process, you can dampen a towel or a piece of cloth with warm water and apply it to your head.

Step 3: Lubrication time

Lubricate your scalp using a standard shaving gel or cream. If that doesn’t sound right to you, you can do it with baby oil, sunflower oil or any other cooking oil (as long as it doesn’t have side effects). Many people prefer oil over gel as it’s transparent thus allows more comfortable shaving as you can see what you’re doing.

Step4: Shave

Start shaving with small and gentle strokes, and do it in the same direction of your hair, as doing it in the opposite direction may cause more harm than good by causing cuts and injuries, especially that it’s your first time shaving your head.

As for the general direction, you should start from the front, as that’s when hair’s the softest, then move to the side then to the back, going every time from the above down to the neck.

Apply cream or gel now and then, as a dry scalp is more vulnerable to cuts, and rinse the razor to get of hair and dead skin every few strokes.

If you have a coarse or curly hair, first shave in the same growing direction, then the opposite to ensure a close shave.

Remember to shave gently and calmly; there’s no need to rush thing, as that would only cause injuries. If you cut yourself, use a clean tissue to clean the wound and keep the razor away from the wounded area until it stops bleeding and heals completely.

Some tips for an optimal shave:

  • Use sharp blades and change them whenever you deem necessary
  • It’s better to use distilled water, as it’s much cleaner than tap water
  • Be careful when you’re shaving near your ears, as that’s a tricky area that requires extra attention
  • Get a good quality razor, even if it’s more expensive than a normal one, to reduce the risk of injury.

Step 5: Remove stubble areas

There’s always stubble in some areas after a shave. The best way to discover such areas is by passing your hand over your head. If you find an area with some excess hair, re-shave it to get a uniform outcome.

Step 6: Clean and moisturize

After you finish shaving, use a wet cloth or towel to reclose the pores you opened before starting out. Make sure the water is cool, not warm.

After that, dry your head with a clean towel with gentle moves. Don’t scrub it as your skin is the most vulnerable state after a shave. After making sure your head is dry, apply a mesmerizer or a conditioner to soothe your skin. Make sure the product you’re using doesn’t have alcohol or similar products, as that would only irritate your skin.

After a shave, your skin may be white. That can easily be solved with tanning lotion.

How often should you shave your hair?

shaving head

It depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re trying to go full Johnny Sins style and keep that look for good, then you’d need to shave everyday, or even more than once per day if your hair is too coarse and fast-growing. On the other hand, if you just need to shave your head once for whatever reason, well then you only have to shave it once, I guess?

Any more tips for shaving?

Here are some tips that you’d need if you’re planning to shave your hair for the first time

Get a high-quality Sunscreen

If you don’t want your head to be tanned once you’re under the sun, get a quality sunscreen and remember to wear a hat whenever you’re out

Trimming is important

As mentioned above, it’s recommended to get your hair to ¼ inches before starting to shave, then check if there’s any delicate area ion your head using your hand.

Take a warm shower

Dry hair is hard to shave, for that, you’re better off taking a shower before starting to cut it down.

Use gentle moves to avoid cuts

Shave your hair through gentle strokes to prevent cuts. If you get a blade wound, take care of it immediately as your head’s pores are open and you’re more likely to develop an infection when you’re shaving.

Go with the grain

When shaving, making sure you’re doing it in the same growth direction of your hair as that reduces the chances of cuts and ingrown hair.

Get a massage now and then

After shaving, your scalp becomes exposed to the sun which can cause dryness. Make sure you’re drinking a lot of water and give your head a massage now and then to ensure proper blood flow. Do it in gentle circular moves starting from the front of your head then moving to the sides and the back, just like you’d do while shaving.


Shaving your head may be a daunting process, and it requires particular attention to get it done right. If it’s your first time doing this, follow the above steps, and you’re bound to get that perfectly clean, bold look you’ve been looking for. Do you have any other tips for head-shaving? We need your wisdom! Share it in the comments!