How To Manscape Downstairs?

How To Manscape Downstairs? Manscaping down under is one of the basic hygienic elements of most men’s grooming routines. Whether it’s for appearance or looks, around 50% of men choose to shave or trim their pubic hair.

Is it necessary? It’s definitely preferable for you and your spouse. Do you need to do it every day? Absolutely not; once every 2 weeks is enough.

grooming downstairs

Is there a magic formula for grooming downstairs? Not really, different folk has different methods. However, how exactly should you go about doing it as safely as possible? Let’s find out.

Shaving or trimming your pubic area presents several risks and problems such as redness, irritation, cuts, nicks, bumps, ingrown hairs, and more. Many men completely skip out on shaving downstairs because they’re scared of cutting themselves, but that’s not an excuse.

How do we avoid these problems? Easy, you need to choose your weapon carefully first. We have four basic methods of removing the hair downstairs:

Waxing: It’s definitely effective, but come on, why? If you want to go through the excruciating pain and discomfort of violently ripping off your pubic hair, go right ahead, but we don’t advise it.

Especially with testicle hair, waxing simply isn’t a great option. Sure, it’s clean and it pulls the hair completely from the follicle but leaves it for other parts of the body.

Shaving: The lesser evil. Razor shaving is classic and there’s nothing particularly wrong with it, but it has so much room for error like cuts and nicks due to dull blades or bad technique.

It’s good to shave once you’ve mastered the technique on other parts of your body, such as your armpits, but make sure to do it properly. We’ll outline some tips later.

Trimming: Trimming is a good, safe, and quick option. How do you manscape without a razor, you may ask? By using proper ball trimmers, you save a lot of time and there’s no risk of cuts or bumps.

Of course, you can tug on your hair if your trimmers are low quality or if they need some oil, but it’s still a better option than razor shaving. Keep in mind that you won’t get as close of a shave, but how close do you really need it to be?

Depilatories: Depilatories like Nair are hair removal creams that take care of your hair minutes after applying them. They’re proven to be safe in the pubic area, and there is no pain.

You apply the depilatory, wait a few minutes, then wipe it off with a cloth. It’s simple, painless, low-risk, and clean. For more on depilatories, click here.

How Often Do You Need To Manscape?

Even though some people think you need to manscape every day, that’s simply not true. Taking your weapon of choice down there once every 2 weeks or so is a good ballpark to be in.

The more you shave, the more likely you can get an injury or damage the sensitive skin in the area. Here’s a good guide for other parts of your body.

  • Pubic Hair: 1-4 weeks
  • Armpit Hair: 2-4 weeks
  • Chest hair: Once a week
  • Nose and Ear Hair: Once every 2 weeks

How To Manscape Downstairs?

How To Manscape Downstairs?

How do you groom downstairs? If you think the manscaping process is as simple as taking your razor or trimmer to town with your downstairs lawn, you’d be mistaken. There are some simple steps you can do to ensure the best pube shave possible. Let’s assume you’re going to use a razor to cap things off.

1-Go For The Trim

How do you manscape downstairs without a razor? Unless your pubes are super trimmed and short and ready for the razor, you need to trim them first. If it’s too long, start with scissors to make things as manageable as possible.

Trimming your pubes untangles any difficult hairs and sets the scene for an easier, smoother shave later. For the best trimmers, you want something powerful, precise, and small. Some antimicrobial trimmers are also great for keeping things as clean as possible.

When you trim first, you also have less wet shaved hair to go in the sink or shower. Do you want to clean up all that built-up hair? Nope, neither do we.

2-Clean Things Up

We know you were already going to shower after the shave, but it’s a good idea to get the area clean before you go as well. Why? Because there may be so much dirt and debris in there that would be dangerous to shave right over and risk an infection. Keeping things clean also ensure that your razor won’t bump into random debris while shaving.

Speaking of cleanliness, you need to make sure the scissors, trimmers, and razors are all sterilized and clean. With the scissors and razor, use rubbing alcohol and with the trimmers, use disinfectant and oil the blades before you go so you don’t tug on the hairs and cause pain.

3-Lather Up

Obviously, you need to use some sort of lather before shaving, unless you’re insane and trying to dry shave your pubes (It’s a horrible idea). Forget the shaving foam as that’s too thick and may include alcohol. Shaving cream is better, but shaving gel is what you need.

It’s light, and you can easily see through it so you can’t accidentally cut yourself where you don’t want. Use the sensitive stuff just to be safe and apply enough on your pubic area, testicles, and inner thighs.

4-Carefully Start To Shave

We’ll assume you’ve followed our advice and got the sharpest razor possible. We’re big fans of double-edged safety razors, but for pubic hair, cartridge razors work fine, as well, but you need the highest quality ones.

Now that you’ve got your razor, start shaving slowly, carefully, and with the grain. Never go against the grain unless you want serious discomfort and irritation.

If the hair is longer than stubble, then pull the hair as you go along. Also, don’t throw the hair down the drain so as not to clog it. Throw it in the trash instead.

When you get to the ball hair, gently pull on the skin as tight as possible and start going in small, slow strokes. Or, alternatively, just trim them and leave them unshaved.

5-Use Aftershave and Moisturizer

Just like your face, aftershave and moisturizers are necessary for your body hair, especially your pubes, so you avoid irritation or discomfort after shaving.  If you don’t moisturize, the area can become dry and the hairs will feel sharper and rougher.


You’re most likely already in the bathtub, so let the water run and take a shower to clean up the loose hairs, oils, moisturizers, and gels. You don’t want anything lying around your privates, so make sure to clean it well.

Don’t make it too hot, though; you don’t want your skin drying out. Splash some cold water to close up the pores and you’re good.

Try Using Ball Powders

Yes, that’s a thing. Ball powders or deodorants like Chassis help keep things dry and cool down under. They won’t make you sweat so much and feel uncomfortable, and they prevent the bad musky smell that comes with them. The less friction, the better you feel.

Manscaping Other Parts Of Your Body

Your private parts are merely a part of a much bigger equation. Other parts of your body could use a shave too.

Nose Hair: Nose hair can be a big turn-off, especially if it’s poking out of your nose. While some people pluck their nose hair, that’s a very bad idea and could lead to infections. Besides, you actually need your nose hair, we just want to trim it down.

You can use a pair of small, precision scissors and be careful where you snip. Just make sure you don’t breathe in while doing it, and huff out. Your best option is a nose trimmer or the nose trimmer piece for a beard trimmer. It makes things cleaner and easier.

Back Hair: Some men have ridiculously hairy backs to the point where they actually need to shave them or trim them down. It’s especially difficult to reach. If you have someone with you, they can trim it with trimmers or use a razor.

If you’re alone, you can invest in a back shaver. Back shavers are safe, and they allow you to reach tough spots. Some are even electric, so it’s just a trim.

Armpit Hair: That’s another one that’s essential to shave, especially if you’re wearing a tank top. Armpit hair is very similar to pubic hair in the sensitivity category, so we’ll follow the same steps: Trim, warm water, shaving gels, shave with a sharp blade, rinse, moisturize.

How Close of A Shave Is Manscaped?

How Close of A Shave Is Manscaped?

Manscaped produces body hair trimmers specifically made for the pubes. Their most popular products are their Lawn Mower 3.0 and 3.0. They have advanced technology made to keep your skin safe and injury-free. They’re also waterproof, so you can use them in the shower and rinse them without any problems.

This all sounds great, but will it give you a super close baby smooth shave? Not quite, but do you really need that for your groin? The technology aims at keeping things as safe as possible, so it’s not as close as razor shaving or normal trimmers.

However, with that in mind, reviewers were not happy with the product and many of them claimed that the blade is too sharp and it has actually nicked them quite often. It’s great for your body hair, but perhaps it’s too risky to use on your balls.


In the end, grooming and shaving your body hair is key to living a clean, neat, and attractive life. With just a few steps, you can make your privates-shaving session much safer and shorter.

Remember, using trimmers first, then lubricating, shaving with a sharp razor, lubricating, and showering are what you need for your armpits and private parts.

What’s key is using the right products, as dull trimmers or razors will leave you very regretful. Consider your options, try it out, and keep going. So many men do it once and then become lazy, but hygiene and grooming is a long-term game.