Best Ways to Remove Unwanted Body Hair

Body hair can be very annoying and unattractive, especially when it is excessive and in places that everyone can see, a lot of men and women tend to shave that hair or get rid of it in any possible way. This article will show you how to remove body hair naturally for both male and female.

how to remove body hair

It may be very frustrating and hard, but what they don’t know is that there are plenty of ways that help you get rid of unwanted hair.

Some might use unnatural products because they are easier and faster, but that is not the best choice, because putting toxic things on your skin may cause some severe problems, so it is better to avoid those products and look for the safe, natural methods

You will find here a guide to the best natural hair removal methods, so take notes and choose what suits you the best.

You might be wondering if there is a permanent solution to end this struggle because having to go through the same steps every time can be very dull and annoying.

And of course there is a permanent solution, you can use Electrolysis to eliminate hair completely, but don’t rely on this method because some of the people who tried it, admitted that this method isn’t 100% successful all the time, and you might regrow the hair in a couple of years.

Laser hair removal and waxing as well are quite expensive. So again, a reminder of why you should stick to natural products and not waste your money inexpensive methods. It is better to be safe than sorry, so don’t put your skin health at risk.

Best Ways to Remove Unwanted Body Hair

  • Turmeric

This firm root is used in various things, for example, you can use it for cooking, so I am pretty sure you heard about it before.

It is crammed full of antioxidants, one of the most beneficial antioxidants in it is the curcumin, it is known for its ability to fight bacteria and inflammation.

So this is not only a natural solution,but also it provides excellent care for your skin. You can find Turmeric in powder form or raw, and you will need to get sesame oil and gram flour. All of this ingredients can be found easily.

So just mix them equally. You will get a thick paste, apply it on your face and let it dry for 25 minutes.

After that rinse it off gently with warm water. Use this recipe once or twice a week, and enjoy the results.

  • Honey, Lemon,and Sugar

body hair removal, Honey, Lemon,and Sugar

This is by far the most popular and used recipe; it is obvious that the products are simple and available at any local store.

Honey and sugar mixed to create a thick wax, it is used at a lot of spas and skin care clinics, and lemon is known for its bleaching effect, so combining all three will give you a nice wax, and bleaches your hair and that makes them hard to notice.

And for more skin care, apply cornstarch on areas that are going to be waxed, so you won’t have honey sticking into your skin and creating a mess, then remove it using a waxing cloth or baby wipes.

  • Pumice Stone

Now, this is another unique way to get rid of unwanted hair but keep in your mind that it is a temporary solution, so you have to keep using it. A pumice stone can depilate the hair by creating friction on the rubbed area, and the hair will fall out at the roof. This method might not work on all body hair types or areas, but it is natural and will definitely reduce hair growth.

Use it everyday, and before you start rubbing it make sure that your skin is wet, don’t rub it harshly, be gentle and wash off with water after you finish

It is crucial to keep your skin moisturized and well taken care of; apumice stone is available almost everywhere if you can’t find it at the stores where you live, you can purchase it online.

Pumice stone not only is effective in hair removal but also is a great way to smoothen harsh, rough areas on your skin.

Rubbing it on your feet, knees, and elbows will help you get rid of the dead skin and remove unwanted hair.

  • Drink More Spearmint Tea

Some people were blessed with a perfect hair-free skin, and others don’t care about some little thing hair showing up. And since having thin hair or no hair at all is possible, scientists and professionals studied it and came with the conclusion that drinking spearmint tea can reduce testosterone production. And by lowering testosterone levels, you can achieve a slow hair growth speed.

You can mix one teaspoon of spearmint tea with hot water, let it cool down for 20 minutes and then drink it. By consuming two full cups every day during some weeks can reduce the hair on your face and body.

Take Advantage Of Papaya For Sensitive Skin

A lot of people have sensitive skin that asks for more care and attention, so you can’t use all the products on it because it may cause some problems. In some cases, shaving and waxing can become a painful method.

But don’t worry, Papaya can help solve this problem, thanks to its enzyme that provides the ability to break down hair follicles and stop hair growth.

And it is entirely natural and pain-free, and it smells adorable.

So start by creating a paste out of Papaya, using ripe papaya, a blender,and turmeric powder.

After obtaining the perfect paste, massage it on your face or the area where you want to get rid of hair. And keep massaging it for 15 minutes, move your fingers gently and slowly. After that rinse with clean water, repeat this method once a week to achieve fast results.

The Power Of An Egg Mask

Eggs are one of the most potent sources of protein but be careful, this may not be very good for people with sensitive skins, and if you decide to use it, make sure you moisturize your skin afterward.

The recipe is quite simple, one egg white with one spoon of sugar and half a tablespoon of corn flour. Make the right measurements so you can obtain a sweet paste. Mix them and apply on your skin.

Let it dry completely; it will look like dry white glue, pull off the mask gently and then rinse off with warm water; you will see the hair falling with the cover.


Body hair is not something that people like or tend to keep, whether you are a female or a male, you will sometimes look at methods to remove that hair that is unwanted.

And it is imperative to take care of your skin, so don’t go using all the products you find without making sure they aren’t toxic, just keep it in your mind that your skin care is one of the ways to get rid of hair. By keeping your skin healthy and smooth, using natural products would have a faster effect on your body hair.

It is not necessary to get the most expensive products and superior methods, what is important is finding a way that goes well with your skin type and won’t harm you in any way, so be patient and let the products take their time to show results and soon you will have a free hair body.