7 Grooming Tips for Men: Everything you Need to Know!

While having an all grown facial hair will undoubtedly make you look stylish and classy, letting your beard & mustache go wild can never be a good thing, trust me. Grooming your facial hair on a regular basis indirectly tells people that you care about how you look, in addition to facial hair, you should take care of other places in your body where hair may cause a problem (armpits, nose, ear, pubic hair, etc.).

Grooming isn’t that easy of a task though, and people will surely notice if you happen to mess it up. But poking out your nose hair all by yourself before someone else points it out for you is one of many examples of the way you should continuously take care of every spot in your body where hair is present.

If you’re the type of person who’d seek professionals when it comes to this sort of thing, barbers and such, it’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you need to realize that with steady hands and an in-depth reading of the 7 tips that I’m going to cite in this article, you’ll be just fine all by yourself.

1. Make Sure You Have the Right Tools:

Probably the essential part when it comes to trimming and taking care of your body hair in general, is having the right tools. And by tools, I mean a beard trimmer, a razor, a nose and ear trimmer, a pair of scissors or two, and a back-shaver (if necessary). Having the right tools ensures a very smooth and quick trimming, and trust me, some of these items may come off as somewhat expensive, but you got to remember that these are long-term investments. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the closest market to you and grab some!

7 Grooming Tips for Men

grooming tips for men

2. Follow A Routine:

Just like following a routine during school or work helps a lot, following one for grooming your hair will make the whole procedure a quick and easy one, and after a while, it’ll kind of become this casual thing that you regularly do and will become an essential part of your life. Similar to maintaining a car or a motorbike of yours, taking care of your hair on a routine will result in it being stylish and clean 24/7.

Just follow these four easy steps and make sure to always do each one on time:

  • Get rid of nose and ear hair on a weekly basis.
  • Trim your facial hair twice, if you currently have a stubble, then make sure that all of it in good shape, and straighten it if it’s not.
  • Fix your eyebrows two or two times a month.
  • Shave the hair on your neck (the nape), either do this once a week or just twice a week alongside your facial hair to save time.

Now that I’ve mentioned these steps briefly, it’s time to discuss each in a more detailed way.

3. Trimming Your Beard and Mustache:

Trust me when I say this, no one enjoys a messy beard, especially the ladies, and you don’t want that, do you? Well, all you have to do is to grab a beard trimmer, maybe some scissors too, and cut it smoothly. Again, make sure that all the hair sits at the same length for an optimal stylish look. Do this on a weekly basis, even if you’re a busy man, I’m sure you can squeeze this ‘’operation’’ somewhere in your schedule. Indeed, consistency is key here, without it you’ll just look stylish a week, and homeless the other.

4. Taking Care of Your Stubble:

male grooming tips

Believe it or not, according to many studies and surveys were done by different associations around the world, a significant number of women think that “8 to 10 days” stubbles are a very attractive facial hair style, and many of them say that it’s their all-time favorite. If one of your main goals in life is to impress the ladies, then look no further! Keeping a stubble sharp and good looking can be harder than taking care of a beard, but a few minutes with a stubble trimmer (a beard trimmer will do the trick too) and scissors will do you justice, and make you an instant ladies magnet.

5. Keeping the Nape of Your Neck Clean:

As you’ve probably already noticed, no barber misses the back of your head; it is as essential as the front,I.e., facial hair. This may come as a surprise to many, but the hair on your neck can grow as fast as your beard, which means that a weekly trim is necessary. If you happen to share the same schedule with your significant other for example, just ask them for some help, that’d make it super quick and easy, with just a hair clipper or an electric razor and a few quick moves, it’ll be as clean as ever. Or you can do it yourself; it doesn’t matter really, as long as you end up with a nice looking neck, it’s all good.

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6. Don’t Forget Your Eyebrows

Yes, you heard me, your eyebrows, these two parallel lines of hair are highly ignored by most men around the world. But if you think about it, having messy eyebrows can gather the attention of other people to the point where they’d ignore your perfectly trimmed beard and keep staring at them. To avoid such instances from happening, I highly recommend that you check them on a monthly basis and cut them with scissors in case they look out of shape.

7. Eliminating Nose and Ear Hair:

If you happen to be as tall as me, most people you interact with will probably notice your nose hair, that’s why you need to always get rid of it, no one finds it attractive really. Plus, it attracts all sorts of disgusting things especially during winter time when you’re sick or something. Simply get a nose hair trimmer and take care of it, it won’t take more than a few minutes, believe me.

Ear Hair on the other hand usually occurs when you’re getting older and is as annoying to look at as nose hair, so simply grab the same trimmer that you used on your nose and get rid of every hair in your ear as soon as possible.


To conclude, the steps that I’ve mentioned in this article are nothing but brief walkthrough of how to make, what I consider are the essential hairy parts in your body, look straight and neat. I hope. It helped you and happy trimming!