Common Male Grooming Mistakes and How to Avoid them

Every guy wants to feel fresh and look cute and attractive. With that desire comes some responsibilities. I’m sure that when you enter your bathroom in the morning, you try your best to make sure your beard is neat and well-trimmed. You apply cologne after taking a shower; then you leave thinking that you have done what is necessary. You would be surprised that there are some common male grooming mistakes that you are making and not aware of it.

Well, that is not enough. You have to admit that there are other things you can do but either you’re too lazy or you have convinced yourself that they aren’t necessary. Grooming is essential, some basic everyday steps can make you a whole new man, so instead of avoiding the extra work maybe you could try out some new grooming habits and see the change for yourself

You could be making grooming mistakes without even noticing, that is because you don’t know everything about grooming, well it is more than a hair-beard-teeth routine. You could follow the same steps every day while doing them wrong, so it is better to be informed about grooming and how to look your best.

And we are going to help you by introducing the common male grooming mistakes, not getting into details, just some tips to guide you to the best morning routine because daily care isn’t just for ladies!

Common Male Grooming Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

male grooming mistakes

  • Your Eyebrows

Guys don’t pay attention to their eyebrows, but you should know that they take part in your facial expressions and emotions, so it is better to have them look clear and well-trimmed. I am not saying you will change the way they look but trimming the bottom line and getting rid of monobrows is a must.

  • Your Smell

Of course, you know about cologne and perfumes and how necessary they are. So make sure to find a scent that suits you, women make a lot of attention to how a man smells, it is one of the most important things, and it makes a great first impression. No one wants to be with someone who smells sweaty!

Don’t overdo it or splash it on your body and clothes; it doesn’t have to be the most expensive cologne, you just find the scent that you like.

  • Nose Hair

That patch of hair coming out from your nose will never be appreciated or attractive, some people even get disgusted by that sight, and who blames them!

It doesn’t even take that much time, and you will get rid of those nose danglers that make you look nasty.

  • Ear Hair

Just like nose hair, ear hair should be eliminated, don’t worry there are specific trimmers that will get rid of that hair in seconds. Just chop them off without even thinking about it. There is nothing pleasant about having ear hair; maybe after that trim, your hearing could get a little bit better.

  • Chest Hair

Well, this one isn’t entirely obligatory, some women find chest hair attractive, so sometimes unbuttoning your shirt and letting a small patch of hair appear is acceptable. That doesn’t mean you can grow a forest on your chest, try to keep it clean and well-trimmed. There is a difference between looking attractive and looking homeless, and it is your job to make a good choice. So, you can go for a small patch of chest hair or a clean shaved chest.

  • Pubic Hair

Some guys take care of that area perfectly, but others ignore it altogether, well they are wrong, if you want your girlfriend or wife to keep that area well-maintained and smooth, you should do as well. Just like chest hair, you can either keep a small patch of clean hair or get rid of everything. Not only it makes you look cleaner, but it will make you cleaner too.

  • Neck Hair

Neck hair may not be as evident and noticeable as the others, but it does make a difference. Consider the view people have when they are looking at you. So don’t wait for that monthly haircut to shave your neck, do it as soon as you notice things getting out of shape. Keep your neck shaved and smooth. You will look neat and fresh, and women like a smooth neck to touch instead of spiky little hairs everywhere.

  • Back Hair

Unless you are working on pulling off a werewolf look, it is best to shave your back entirely. It is a hopeless case; there is no way you can make it look acceptable or excellent, keep it under control, and give it as much attention you will give to other body parts.

  • Your Hair Care

No don’t even say it or think about it, using hair products isn’t for girls only and won’t change anything about your manliness. Actually, it shows that you are a clean well-maintained man. Take time to take care of your hair, don’t let it catch dandruff or become dry.

  • Haircuts

Almost every guy gets a new haircut every six or seven weeks. And sometimes even more, and that is wrong. If you want to look nice, you have to work on it every day not only during the first weeks of your haircut.

You can get your hair trimmed every time you want to, so you can keep that haircut you like all the time, and no more worrying about bad hair days. It may cost you more money, but it is worth it.

  • Toe Nails

Again, another thing that guys ignore, it is not that hard to do and does not take any time, so take care of your toenails, because if you don’t you will look like you have claws coming out from your toes and that is not pleasant to look at. Just keep them trimmed it is not that hard.

To Wrap it Up

There you have it, 11 body parts you shouldn’t neglect no matter how lazy and busy you are. Of course, we might have missed some things, but if you start taking care of these we mentioned, the other tips and steps won’t be hard. Add these to your daily routine, and after some time you will find that it has changed you completely.

You might think that those are useless details, but they constitute your appearance and reflect your personality. If you want to appear beautiful and clean on your first date, or on your job interview, dressing up alone won’t get you anywhere. Put some effort into it, and you will look your best all the time. Looking fancy and neat isn’t hard at all, and doesn’t demand much money.