Buzz Cut Thinning Hair Before After

Buzz Cut Thinning Hair Before After. Balding, or male pattern baldness, can be a real hit to some men’s confidence. About 85% of men actually experience some form of balding by the time they hit 50. So, it’s common and it has so many different factors.

You could be one of the lucky ones who just get a little bit of thinning on the temples and still look perfectly fine, or you could’ve been dealt a bad genetics hand and started losing all your hair when you’re still a teen.

Truth is, nobody can really tell how thinning or balding will affect them, but almost everyone will have their hair thinning at different levels. This begs the question: how do you style your hair when it’s thinning and what’s the best haircut? Let’s find out!

What Causes Hair Thinning?

Thinning hair does not always mean balding. If your hair is simply thinning, there can be a lot of different factors including:

Stress: That’s the big one. Stress leads to so many medical issues that it becomes the easiest diagnosis for most things, but it’s true; when you’re stressed, your hair starts falling out and thins.

How do you stop this? Well, get it together! In all seriousness, identifying the cause of stress and working on it would do wonders if your hair is thinning. If you figure things out and your hair is still thinning, then it may be something else.

Nutrient Deficiencies: If your diet is all messed up and lacking, you’ll find more of your hair falling out.

Oftentimes, if you’re not getting enough iron, biotin, zin, folic acid, and other minerals, you may experience hair loss. To solve this problem, either clean up your diet or take simple vitamin supplements.

You’re Punishing Your Hair: Yes, if you treat your hair badly, it just decides to fall out and leave. This includes pulling on your hair in weird hairstyles or headgear, using too much product like sprays and gels, or over-dyeing, relaxing, or perming your hair. Give your hair a break and let it breathe, and it’ll grow right back.

Male Pattern Baldness: This is just genetics speaking right now. Male pattern baldness happens to the best of us and it doesn’t really have a cause you can pinpoint, it’s just your body being your body. MPB happens when.

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Should You Shave Your Head If Your Hair Is Thinning?

Simply, not so fast. As we’ve mentioned, your hair thinning doesn’t mean you’re going to look like Bruce Willis tomorrow night. First of all, hair thinning can take a very long time to even be noticeable.

You could be balding right now and you have no idea. Once your hair starts thinning, it could take years if not decades for it to actually be bad enough that you’d need to shave, and even then, there are alternatives.

Obviously, your hair thinning may be accelerated due to your genetics. “So what should I do?” Just wait. Once you notice the thinning, monitor it closely and see what’s happening.

Once it hits the rough spot where you can see that it simply doesn’t look good, then you can take the plunge. There are actually several levels to thinning hair:

The Denial Phase: The denial phase is the best phase looks-wise, since only you will start noticing the thinning but not other people. You’ll start being self-conscious about it but there’s nothing to worry about, as it looks completely unnoticeable.

You need to monitor this phase closely, as the hair will continue to thin and you may find yourself suddenly needing to do something.

The Comb-Over Phase: This phase is when you start noticing a section of your hair thinning more than usual and you start trying to hide it. Most people will let their hair grow out and comb over the thinning area.

If one of your temples is thinning more than the other, then you’d comb your hair on the good side. The combover works in the early stages, but at one point you simply can’t do it anymore, and then you need to find a new strategy.

The Styling Phase: Once you realize you can’t grow out your hair and combover anymore, you start finding different hairstyles that fit your hair and can mask the thinning areas.

Usually, this is when men will go shorter and fade the sides. The fresh neat look of the haircut makes the thinning look better and it’s a night and day difference.

The Buzzcut Phase: Once the thinning gets too extreme, then it’s time to grab your clippers and go for the buzz. Buzzing your hair is the last step before it’s too far gone, and it works.

Does a buzzcut make your thinning look worse? Absolutely not, it’s the complete opposite. With a fade, your hair may even look thicker.

The Shaving Phase: When all hope is lost, it’s time to take your razor and take the plunge. It may take months, years, or decades, but you need to realize when you simply don’t look good anymore and just embrace it.

Are Buzzcuts Good For Thinning Hair?

Absolutely! Undeniably, the buzzcut is the optimal haircut for thinning hair. The buzzcut is basically taking hair clippers on very low lengths like 2-4 mm and just going to town. Obviously, you can style a buzz cut in several different ways. Here’s why the buzzcut is the best:

It’s Easy

The buzzcut is so hassle-free and simple that you can do it at home without any experience or skills unless you want to go for the fancier buzzcuts with fades and tapers but that’s down the line and over time you will get those skills the more you cut it.

Obviously, you can just go to the barber but make the visits frequent so it doesn’t grow out too much too fast.

It’s Masculine

The buzzcut is pretty much the most rugged and masculine look you can go for. It says “I don’t care” and gives off the impression that you’re not putting too much effort into your hair.

It looks tough but still clean and neat. Pair it up with a beard, and you look like the toughest guy in the room. There’s a reason it’s the military’s no.1 look.

It’s Consistent

With a buzzcut, you never have to worry about having a bad hair day, or your hair getting messed up under a cap, hood, or helmet. Once you buzz, you’re guaranteed to look like that 24/7.

Sure, you can change up the buzzcut style with different fades and facial hair combinations, but the overall look will always be there and you never have to worry about styling your hair. Also, it saves you a few minutes of styling in the morning and conditioner money.

It Hides Your Thinning

This is the most important point. While combovers work to a degree, a buzzcut will completely hide your thinning hair since all the hair will be the same length at the shortest.

Nobody will even know that you’re balding or thinning, they’ll think you just choose to look that way because you like it. You’ll never have to worry about being caught in overhead lighting that may expose your thinning area.

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Buzz Cut Thinning Hair Before After

Here are some celebrities who decided to buzz, and look at the stark difference in how they look:

5. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

The Peaky Blinders star looks completely different from the buzzcut. This is the best example of how a buzzcut and beard can make someone look way tougher and in his case, it suits him better because of his round head shape.

The hair and clean-shaven look are neat, but which one of these guys will you not want to mess with?

4. Jude Law

Jude Law

Jude Law is a prime example of how the buzzcut improves on balding. With longer hair, you can clearly see Jude’s lacking areas and it makes his hairstyle look awkward and uneven.

However, with the buzzcut, it looks cleaner and sharper, and more even. While some would argue that it’s better if he shaves it completely off, he still rocks the buzzcut well.

3. Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis

Some people think that the buzzcut is too tough and military-Esque to look elegant and formal. Daniel Day-Lewis proves that that’s not the case as he rocks the buzzcut on the red carpet looking dapper and neat.

You don’t need to have luscious, soft locks perfectly styled with the product to look great in a suit, a simple buzz might do just fine.

2. Drake


Drake popularized the buzzcut when he started rocking it with a beard around 2014/2015 and it completely changed his look. Of course, hitting the gym helped a lot but it only completed the look.

Old Drake looked nice and cute, but new Drake looks tough and sharp, even in a suit. Could Drake be balding? We’ll never know and that’s the magic of the buzzcut.

1. Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx

The buzzcut is simply the ideal look for black hair, given its harsher, coarser nature. The buzzcut looks good on any black man, and Jamie Foxx is proof.

You rarely find him rocking longer hair, as he simply looks better with the buzz, as do most if not all black men.

Other celebrities that look the buzzcut are Will Smith, Idris Elba, Michael B. Jordan, and more. Even if you’re not thinning, it’s a good idea to give the buzzcut a try for black hair.


The buzzcut is one of the superior hairstyles, period. Do you need to be thinning to rock one? No. Will rocking one make people think you’re thinning? Also no.

Taking that first buzz is a big step and it takes a lot of courage, especially if you’ve got nice long hair, but the convenience and look may completely change your mind going forward. There’s a reason so many military men keep the buzzcut even after their service; they just like it more that way.

Give it a try, and start simple. Go to the barber first to get a baseline of what you like. Perhaps go for something a little thicker on top with a side fade, before experimenting more and eventually doing it at home.

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