Can You Put Nair On Your Face?

We all know, Nair is a hair remover. Originally, it came in the form of a cream. However, it has since expanded to cover a wide range of product offerings; lotions, sunblocks, and skincare products in general. And you might even be wondering; Can You Put Nair On Your Face? You are not alone.

Can You Put Nair On Your Face?

It doesn’t stop there. The word Nair, itself coined from the words No and hair, has become an ubiquitous term to refer to hair removal products in general, more specifically, depilatory creams used to get rid of hair on the body.

You’ve probably used it once or twice already to get rid of say, your leg hair, on your balls, or you have used Nair your head. Or maybe you know someone who has.

You start to wonder if you can’t just smear that cream over your face and be done with it. After all, who still shaves?

Certainly not you, right?

There are two questions to ask then; Can you put Nair on your whole face? What happens if you put Nair on your face?

Well, In this article, I will show you:

  • What Nair Is
  • How Nair Works
  • What Happens If You Put Nair On Your Face
  • What A Nair Burn Is
  • Expert Tips On How To Use Nair On Your Face

And of course:

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Putting Nair On Your Face

Let’s dive right in then:

Can You Put Nair On Your Face?

Can You Put Nair On Your Face

Summarily: You can.

But beware:

That’s the shortened answer. The real thing is a tad bit more complicated but no worries. I have set out a whole guide to help you prevent such nasties as a Nair burn while applying the hair removal cream to your face.

What’s the secret? Simply read on!

What Is Nair And How Does It Work?

We now know, Nair is a depilatory cream.

But, How does it work?

A depilatory cream is a type of hair removal product that uses chemicals in its makeup to dissolve hair off your skin, making it easy to simply wipe off with the residue of the cream.

Unbelievable, right?

Not really.

See, the chemicals in a Nair cream cause swelling at the base of your hair shaft and enter the follicles that way.

Next, they break down the internal structure of the hair, destroying the protein bonds called Keratin that hold your hair together.


Nair is not a permanent hair removal product. Its version of hair removal might last a week or so but your hair will ultimately grow back, simply because the depilatory doesn’t destroy your hair roots, just the shaft, the part of your hair that grows outside your skin.

As such, it’s considered a perfect option for those either unwilling or unable to pursue a more permanent hair removal option such as laser treatment.

Here’s the issue though, we’ve been told the face is a sensitive place forever, and we’ve most likely experienced it ourselves.

What then makes it acceptable to put Nair on your face? What happens when you do it? How can you not suffer from a Nair burn when applying it?

Here’s the secret:

What Happens If You Put Nair On Your Face?

Nair makes use of such active chemicals as Sodium Hydroxide and Potassium Hydroxide to dissolve the proteins in your hair.

While doing this, they might very well interact with the proteins in your skin as well, causing other side effects.

Not only that: The chemicals are going to leave a faint residue over your skin that can cause you irritation if not properly washed off

And even worse still, you might just suffer from a chemical burn and neither of us wants that.

All of this, however, is in the worst-case scenario and most of these undesirable outcomes can be avoided simply by performing a patch test about twenty-four hours to when you intend to actually apply the product on your face.

You should choose a spot for this that is not very visible and is easy to hide.

Even with all this, however, you might still suffer from a Nair Burn.

What’s that, you ask?

It’s a chemical reaction caused by the action of Nair’s composition on your skin and may range from evident burns to blisters and peeling skin.

But wait:

It isn’t completely hopeless putting Nair on your face.

In fact, you merely have to follow the right steps to do so.

Here they are:

Using Nair On Your Whole Face: Steps To Take

First off:

  • Choose Your Brand Of Hair Removal

Just so you know, Nair has a wide range of products formulated for different hair and skin types.

Each of these brands has its own limits when it comes to your sensitivity. You should avoid simply getting any random Nair product to use on your face.

Instead, get the one that suits you the most to avoid rashes, itchy skin, allergic reactions, and a Nair Burn.

  • Examine Yourself

Chemicals don’t exactly go well with cuts and skin conditions. Before you use a Nair product, make sure that you absolutely have no cuts or nicks in the target area. If there is, then you should wait for it to heal. Better safe than sorry.

At the same time, You might need to consult a dermatologist if you use a cream or medication that makes your skin more sensitive such as acne treatment.

Also, You should exercise caution if you have ever experienced an allergic reaction to a skincare product or have a skin condition, eczema for instance.

  • Conduct A Patch Test

It’s actually pretty basic. This is the first advice we hear when using a skincare product but it’s even more important when using Nair.

See, If you misuse the depilatory or apply it when you shouldn’t, a rash will likely be the least of your problems. You could very well suffer a Nair chemical burn that will persist for days.

Here’s how to go about the patch test:

  • Use just a small amount of Nair.
  • Use it on your face, where you plan to apply the product later.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions; leave it on for the time recommended and clean off properly.
  • Wait for twenty-four hours.
  • If there is no adverse reaction, then it is safe to apply the depilatory.

Just remember: Don’t use hair removal cream on cuts, scrapes, rashes, sunburns, and the likes. You want to minimize the chances of infection, not increase it.

  • Use Nair On Your Face

The final step is to actually apply the Nair product. But there are guidelines to follow here also.

First off:

Take a shower.

Why? The presence of oils, lotions, and other skincare products on your body could affect the action of the Nair on your face.

Wash it all off thoroughly and dry your face before you begin.


Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer and apply the Nair hair removal cream to your face. Be careful not to get it in or near your nostrils and eyes.

Also, don’t use your hands. Use a lotion applicator brush instead. And rinse it off after. Most importantly, Use a specially formulated facial hair Nair solution to ensure the best experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Putting Nair On Your Face

Can You Use Nair On Your Face?

Only with caution. Using Nair on your face is a delicate process due to the sensitivity of the skin there.

It’s somewhat worse for the upper part of your face. This is because the depilatory should not be used on your eyes and eyebrows to avoid complications.

Apart from this, Nair is totally safe to use on your whole face provided you follow the guide I have set for you.

Does Using Nair On The Face Make Hair Grow Back Thicker?

Not really.

Nair doesn’t have anything in its composition that affects the rate at which your hair will grow back or the thickness of it.

Can You Put Hair Removal Cream On Your Face?

Again, the answer to this is yes.

After all, Nair is a depilatory cream, and depilatories are meant for hair removal. So yes, you can put a hair removal cream on your face.


Nair is a great product for removing hair from your body. It provides you with ease and you shouldn’t let the sensitivity of your facial skin stop you from enjoying the benefits it offers.

Till next time.