How To Clip Your Nails Like An Expert

Clipping your nails when they grow long should be one of the seamless tasks you can do without the help of a manicurist. You do not need much to get this beauty care task done seamlessly; all you need is the right information on how to Do-it-yourself.

How To Clip Your Nails

How To Clip Your Nails

We are well furnished with information gotten from one of the best manicurists whose work is widely considered as one of the best. And with that, you are almost certain to learn how to clip your nails professionally like an expert without causing hangnails or cuticle pain.

  • Use the right nail clipper

The first thing you must know is that there are different nail clippers, and they all serve different purposes. For instance, if you want to clip your big toe, be sure to use the sizeable straight nail clipper and not the small rounded one. The small rounded ones are the best fit for taking care of fingernails.

  • Clip your nails with the shape of your cuticles

The best shape to give your nails is the shape of your cuticles when turned upside down. You should not have a problem identifying the cuticle as they are the outer skin layers beneath the nails that helps to protect the nails from bacteria. The shape of your cuticle should help you decide the best shape to give to your nails when you want to clip them.

Don’t you wonder the magic that manicurist perform on your nails every time you book a session? This is one of the top secrets they won’t share with anyone. Although the size of the nail is generally larger than the cuticle, not be too bothered about that, just make adjustments for size.

  • Be careful hangnails

You must know the exact that and where to stop cutting cuticles. It is almost sure that you will have a hangnail; it doesn’t matter how much care and time you have invested in your cuticles. When you discover hangnail, cut only the large part of the skin, ensure that you do not cut up to the base of the hangnail. Be careful not to cut beyond this point; it will save from stress and pain.

  • Get a buff

Care and protection for the nails do not end with nail clipper and file, if you indeed want to invest more attention and resources into your nail, you should consider getting a buff. A buff is a more sophisticated file for shaping the top part of the nails. It doesn’t only help to maintain a smooth nail; it also removes every unwanted thing growing at the surface of the nails.

  • Remove underlying dirt from nails

This is one of the professional and healthy advice you can get from any good manicurist. Caring for the general wellbeing of the nails doesn’t end after clipping and filing the nails, you should also consider the health impact of the nails too. Ensure that you clean the underneath part of the nail every day.

This would not cost you much time, resources, or effort. You can simply do it with the clipper extension. It will help remove every dirt hiding beneath the nails. As much as you want to make sure that you have clean nails, you must also be careful not to punch your skin while trying to remove dirt under the nails.

how to clip your toe nails

  • Apply Moisturizing lotion on your nails

To keep your clipped nails intact and neatly dressed, always apply a moisturizing lotion on your nails every day. You can do it immediately after clipping your nails, whether you do it yourself or you hired a manicurist.

Moisturizing the nails will help to keep the nails healthy and durable.

  • Wear protective gear on your hand

If you are the type that gets handy with things, you should wear protective gear on your hand. A hand glove will do. Most of the painful hangnails that people develop often happen as a result of constantly working with bare hands.

  • Cut the Cuticle gently

When administering beauty care to your nails, ensure that you do not leave the cuticle out of the show. Ensure that you give your skins the amount of care and attention that you give your nails. Clip your cuticles at least one time every week, it will not only make your nail neat, but it will also prevent you from having.

Gently push the skin up and clip the cuticle, do it gently so you won’t cut excessively. When you clip your cuticle badly, in no time bacteria and fungus will creep into the nails and destroy it.

Some of the nail clippers come with an attachment that is suitable for pushing the skin up so the clipper can cut the Cuticle. However, if you feel that it is not good enough, there are cuticle pusher and nipper set. This will prevent you from cutting your cuticle excessively.

  • File your nails after clipping

The best you can do with the nail clipper is to cut your nails into your most desired or preferred shapes. However, if you want to get that smooth and clean finishing, you might consider a file. Some tools are saddled with the sole duty of filing nails. You can get an Emory board file to take care of that business.

Meanwhile, some nail clippers also come with an inbuilt file. It is worthy to note that this inbuilt file is not as sleek and excellent as the primary tool that is meant for filing nails alone.

With the Emory board file, you are sure to have the sexiest set of nails. You can use it to file your nails at an interval or two days to get a certain length of nails. Having known this, you must know how to use the filer.

Thankfully, to use the filer doesn’t require any technical know-how ability, you just need to know a few tips. Run the file across the nails softly in one direction. Ensure that you do not input so much energy into it, else, you might break your nails.