How to Taper Fade: The Easiest Way

Whether you are searching for “how to taper fade,” what is taper fade,” or “how to do a taper fade: “I know what you are looking for, and I can help.” In fact, I have helped many millennials like you.

And besides, I have this feeling (call it intuition if you like) that you are a classy and stylish kind of guy who doesn’t mind going the extra mile to look the best.

And it is for this reason I have penned this post: “to reveal a simple step-by-step guide to do a taper fade.” Who is this guide for? Ideally, for anyone looking to sharpen their cutting skills, whether you’re a professional or a beginner, there’s something here for you.

However, beginners will gather the most, if you are a beginner, this guide covers everything you need to know about the taper fade. From what is a taper fade, how to do it yourself, types, tips for taper fading, and many more.

I mean, “everything is covered, period,” and this is so simple; I call it “the foolproof way to do fade with taper.” So, with that out of the way.

I present to you the most comprehensive “how-to taper fade hair” guide you will find anywhere in the cybersphere.

What is Taper Fade

What is Taper Fade

In a nutshell, the taper is a variation of the fade, yet not entirely. But being more specific, this type of cut is a gradual shortening of the hair from the top of the head, down to the sideburns and neckline. Or differently put, the taper fade only affects three areas of the head, the two sides, and the neckline.

Difference Between TAPER and FADE Haircut

The taper fade is a gradual shortening of the hair from the top, right down to the sideburns and neckline of the head. But on the other hand, the traditional fade is a detailed version of the taper, and it involves the shortening of hair much shorter than the taper, usually to blend in with the skin.

Popular Types of Taper Fades

Of all the types of fades, the taper is not only the most popular. But possibly the most stylish and elegant haircut you will find anywhere. And evidently, that has to do with its “not over the top.” But a natural, clean kind of look that it brings.

And that being the case, it’s only fair that we dig a little deeper into the taper fade. Below, is a short but detailed listing of the three most popular taper fades.

Low Taper Fade

Great for professionals, the low taper; is a classy-looking haircut that starts above the ears and bends as you gradually work your way from the sideburns to the neckline. Also, compared with the other types of taper, the low taper leaves less contrast at the sides and back of the head.

And of course, you can then try the hairstyle of choice to polish things off, for example, the faux hawk, side part, comb over, are all ideal to go with a low taper.

High Taper Fade

Unlike the low taper, the high taper is much shorter at the sides. In fact, the high taper fade is the shortest of the three fades. The high taper starts about 2 inches below the hair at the top, and then shortens/tappers, almost to skin level. Thus, creating a high contrast look.

Mid Taper Fade

The mid taper fade is both the low and mid taper combined. And it starts at the midpoint from the sides and back of the head as you gradually work your way upwards. And being what it is (versatile), the medium taper works with any hairstyle you can think of, whether curly, short, long, or thick at the top, no problem.

What You’ll Need:

  • Clippers
  • Sharp scissors
  • Two mirrors
  • Comb

Steps to Follow Fade With Taper:

  • If you have long hair, highly recommend you wash and dry your hair before attempting the taper fade. Doing this, along with thoroughly and carefully combing your hair, especially curly hair, will streamline the entire process, thus allowing you to achieve the best possible result.
  • Using the scissor-over-finger technique (if you have long hair), start at the top of the head. But before you start cutting the hair, make sure you hold the scissors parallel to the floor before you begin cutting the desired length.
    You can also use a hair clipper specifically designed for fades as well, it doesn’t matter, once you are comfortable with it, but I find clippers to be more straightforward to use than scissors.

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