Best Short Fade Haircut Men Hairstyles To Up your Hair Game

Best Short Fade Haircut Men Hairstyles, you can’t go wrong with this one! It’s finally time to head out into the world again, and what does that mean? A new look is in order! With the days of the man bun and long styles moving past us, fade short hairstyles for men and kempt is back in season!

Short fade haircut men

Whether you want a fresh post-quarantine look, or you just want to rock a new fade haircut short hair hairstyle because you feel like it, here are some funky and some classic short fade haircut men hairstyles that might be what you just need!

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Best Short Fade Haircut Men To Up your Hair Game

9. The Classic Buzzcut

The Classic Buzzcut
image source; JuststJared

It’s cool, it’s classic, it’s tough, and it NEVER goes out of style! The classic all-fade buzzcut is one of the manliest and most rugged hairstyles there is.

It’s easy to maintain, hassle-free, and you can even do it at home with just a basic trimmer. It’s the most efficient hairstyle if you don’t have time or if you simply can’t be bothered to put in too much effort every morning. Pair it up with a beard, and you’ve got a foolproof ticket to an attractive town.

You can even control just how short you want to go, depending on the guard on your (or the barber’s) clippers. The buzzcut has done men good for generations, from the military all the way to the office.

8. The Tapered Buzzcut

The Tapered Buzzcut
source; Beau monde

While this one is a little tricky to do at home, it takes the buzzcut to a whole new level. Getting a fade or taper fade short hair on the sides, while keeping the top at a slightly longer length gives a very tight and angular look to the head and face, which accentuates facial features and gives the illusion of volume to already short hair.

It’s the perfect method for hiding thinning hair, and still giving off the lock of a thick top with trim sides. While it also perfectly pairs with a beard, fading the sides with the beard at a stubble length makes a slick silhouette from top to bottom, while a thick unfaded beard might cause a break of colors and texture.

Overall, it gives the appearance of “Hey, I’m super tough, but I’m also stylish and trendy”. Hey, if it works for Tom Hardy, it will work for all us regular Joe’s, huh?

7. The Curly Hair Fade

Curly Hair
source; Men’s Hairstyle Swag

Perfect for black frizzy hair, as well as all naturally curly or dry hair. The curly fade hairstyle just exudes coolness, it’s the perfect blend between the professionalism of a tight taper, with the carefree attitude of letting those magnificent curls flow free.

Pair it up with a sharp razor hairline, and you’ve got a fresh cut that not only looks good as the hair grows, so it lasts you a while before your next barber visit, but also a clean casual look that goes well with any occasion.

6. The Blowout Fade (AKA The Temple Fade)

the blowout
source; Hollywood Life

Speaking of cool and carefree, nothing gives big, cool hair energy like the blowout fade short hair, or sometimes called the temple fade. The blowout fade is just a character of its own, whether the hair on top is curly or wavy or straight, it stands out, in a good way.

It’s the ultimate sign of volume. The blowout usually has the longest length up top, traditionally styled back, but you can go crazy with the curls or even an afro!

The sides are well-tapered and lined. Its popularity surged in the 2000s, but with nostalgia being such a big factor nowadays, who says you can’t still rock it? The best part of the blowout cut?

There are no rules! Do you want to spike it up on top? Go for it. Want to gel it or leave it flowing? You can do whatever you want. The messier it is, the better it looks. The trick is to intricately make it look non-intricate!

5. The Military Fade

source; Fury, Columbia Pictures

It’s rugged, cool, attractive, and still super-stylish. Brad Pitt rocked the world with it in the movie Fury and inspired so many to adopt the look. The military fade or undercut takes the best of both worlds from a traditional slicked-back style, with the fade of a buzzcut or undercut to give off an awesome mix of tough and groomed.

The sides are tapered with as short a length as you could go while keeping the top relatively lengthy, though not too much, it’s still a military-inspired cut after all. Think of it as a professional mohawk.

Gel up the top and slick it back, and you’ve got a clean look that goes very well with a clean-shaven face, as well as a trimmed beard. Just make sure you don’t let the top get too messy, even if you’re fighting on the frontlines.

4. The IVY League Cut

The IVY League Cut
source; No Time To Die Poster, Metro-Goldwyn -Mayer, Eon Productions

Now we move over to the professional side of things, with arguably the most classic of them all: The short, tapered sides, with a short scissor rounded or square top at around a #2 or #3 length.

This gives a soft, and well-groomed look that works perfectly around the office, at an event, or even on a casual outing. It looks good in both a casual and professional environment, and it’s even the preferred look for the world’s favorite spy, James Bond.

It’s easy to maintain, not overly styled or messy, and it’s an adequate safe choice for your everyday look. The best part about it is that it works seamlessly with an older, receding hairline or with thinning hair. It’s perfect for a clean-shaven look, but a well-groomed short beard with a clean neckline and cheek line would also pair up fairly well.

Just make sure the over-the-top villain with a grand, world-domination plan doesn’t mess it up with his elaborate death traps.

3. The Combover Fade

source; Skysports

What happens if you want to combine the professional look of the Ivy League Cut, with the fresh coolness of a fade? You get a combover fade or a crewcut fade.

It’s quite similar to a traditional undercut, or even the military fade, but with a much shorter length on top.  It’s great if you want the easiness of a short combed top, with the modern and youthful look of a very short side taper.

This is another one that maintains a good look as the hair grows, as it naturally grows into an undercut until you have to visit the barber once more.  Good for football players, actors, singers, and even you (Yes, you!).

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2. The Dreads Fade

source; Black Panther, Marvel Studios

Sometimes you don’t want a professional, sometimes you don’t want a business, sometimes you just want to look like the coolest guy in the room. How do you achieve that? One word, dreads.

The dread fade takes everything that’s cool about dreads and adds the short sides to make an amazing mix of short style, with crazy free dreads.

Young black people from all over the world adopted Michael B Jordan’s look after the release of Marvel’s Black Panther in 2018, and it’s still popular until now.

Dreads have long been a sign of culture, and the choice of making them untraditionally short with a taper on the sides modernizes the look further, especially for the younger generation. You can keep the dreads short or go longer, and have fun with it.

1. The Caesar Crop

The Caesar Crop
source; Getty Images

Let’s say you want to combine all the previous hairstyles into one. Tight fade, with an illusion of volume, with a messy top, that can hide thinning or receding hair? You get the Caesar Crop. Easy maintenance, with simply having to fade the sides every now and then, and you can keep the top as it is.

It doesn’t need much to make it look good, with no fancy products or straightening. If your hair is straight, you can simply let it fall down to the front and if it’s curly, you let those curls do as they please.

You don’t have to worry about constantly combing or styling it, you can even run your hand through it and brush it to the front and just let nature take its place.

Hair that runs down to the forehead makes one look younger and makes the hair look fuller as it covers your temples.

If you practice hard enough, you can even pull it off at home with a trimmer on a short guard and just clean up the sides until you can visit the barber every now and then. For all these hairstyles, a simple putty or pomade product would work best.