Cons and Pros of Growing a Beard + Medical Benefits of Beard – 2024 Updated

When it comes to facial hair, each has its point of view. Some people let their beard grow wild, others prefer it trimmed, while the rest want their faces shaved and clean.

We’re basically split into three groups, with one of them having their arguments. If you’re confused as to which group suits you best, here are the cons and pros of growing a beard. Go through them and make your decision.

Pros of Growing a Beard in 2024.

pros of growing a beard

A Beard Can Make You Look More Mature.

Have you ever walked into a bar or a restaurant when you were young without facial hair? Did you get that “go home kid” look from the bartender? Well, I had, before growing my beard.

A year later, I went to the same bar, and the same bartender gave me a “My man” look before handing me my beer. It’s just amazing how a beard can change the way everyone perceives you.

Beards can make anyone look older, more mature, and wiser, especially if you have some grey hair, which will distinguish you from other men.

It remains a matter of appearances though, as you’re necessarily a mature, wise man if you have a beard, nor are you a kid if you prefer your jaw hairless. You are what you decide to be; beards are only there to facilitate the task.

You’re Bound To Be More Attractive.

It’s a no-brainer that women find men with beards more attractive and are more likely to go out with them, as they’re seen as more masculine, appealing, and stronger.

Besides, a bearded man looks more handsome, stylish, and mysterious, which unleashes a woman’s curiosity to uncover the secrets of his soul.

Just make sure you’re using a beard style that fits your face and hair, as you’re more likely to be perceived as a clown if you go with a bad combination.

You Won’t Have To Shave Every day.

Obvious, right? Isn’t it annoying to spend time every morning shaving? Grow your beard, and you’ll save an enormous amount of time that you can use to exercise or as extra time on the bed. Wouldn’t that be convenient?

No Jawline? Grow a beard.

If you’re unsatisfied with the way you look, which is totally normal as it happens to the best of us, you can grow a beard and have an entirely new look.

There are countless styles to choose from, so even if you didn’t have the chance to determine the shape of your face, you finally have something over which you have control.

Just like women use makeup to hide flaws they’re not so happy about it, men can make use of their facial hair to have new looks that would appeal to anyone.

Health benefits of Growing Beards.

Health benefits of Growing Beards

If you ever thought that a beard is merely an aesthetic element, think again, as several studies have shown that beards are natural protectors against the ultra-violet radiations of the sun and several types of bacteria that would easily enter your body should you decide to get rid of your facial hair.

Beards also block pollen and other allergens from getting into your airways, thus helping people with asthma and other allergies during their daily lives. Evolution wouldn’t have left men with their bears if they weren’t useful for our health.

Your Beard Can Get You Warmer on Cold Nights.

Beards can protect you from the cold winter months by providing warmth for your face.

Beards are trendy.

If you’ve ever wanted to get on the fashion boat and follow what’s trendy, even once in your life, here’s your chance.

Today, beards are a fashion trend that both celebrities and regular people adopt. Gone are the days when a man needed to shave his facial hair to be perceived as a gentleman, it’s the beard’s age now.

Growing a beard: cons.

  • As tempting as it may seem, growing a beard still has some drawbacks.


One of the main things that hold people from growing a beard is the itchy feeling they get at the start of the process. It is a problem, and it can be unbearable sometimes (sorry about that). Your beard can be irritating for both you and those around you.

How can you stop this? There’s not much to do. Just let your beard go wild. Once your hair grows long enough and gets away from your skin, the itchiness will stop spontaneously.

If it doesn’t, you should consider visiting your doctor, as continuous irritation may be the sign of something more profound, so don’t take it lightly.

You’ll have to face embarrassment while you’re growing your beard.

growing your beard

If you’re trying to develop full facial hair, you’re bound to spend several days at home watching movies instead of partying as you’d be embarrassed and incapable of showing your face to the world. Why is that?

Because you can’t get to that awesome appearance, you’re seeking before passing through a transitional phase during which you look weird and awkward. Patience, my friend, is your friend. The end result deserves the struggle.

You won’t get that perfect look right away.

Before finding a style that suits you, you’d have to try several ones and fail measurably while doing so. But it’s worth it once you find that appealing look you’ve been seeking, and you’ll get a broad experience that’s bound to turn you from John Doe to Beard Expert JD.

Bears need constant care.

If you don’t give your beard the necessary attention, it’s bound to get gross over time. You need to wash your beard and clean it every day, just like you would do with your normal hair.

Also, invest some money in quality products, you don’t want your beard covered in unhealthy oils and creams.

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Some girls (or guys If that’s your thing) don’t find it attractive

While many people find beards attractive, others don’t and think that clean-shaven faces are better. If your partner sees your beard as unattractive, there’s only one solution.

Sadly, you have to get rid of your partner. What did you expect? Why would you get rid of your beard? Unless Jennifer Lawrence asks you to do it, there’s no reason to give up your glory.

The heat isn’t always a good thing.

While the warmth of a beard may be convenient during winter, it isn’t much so during the summer and can be a great source of discomfort. Again, you need patience to survive; a beard is worth every moment your skin spends sweating underneath it.

Your beard may just be… bad

Let’s be honest here, having a beard doesn’t automatically make you sexier. The shape and thickness of that beard are the controlling factors here.

So, what if your beard isn’t good? What if it had stubble? What if its colour isn’t compatible with your skin or hair?

There’s a lot to consider here, and just like a beard can make you look like a Hollywood stars if it has good features, it can backfire and give adverse results if it’s not exactly what you’d call a proper beard.

Don’t give up immediately thou. Give that barbershop a visit; the barber might just be able to help you with his skills.

Conclusion: Should you grow a beard?

We can’t answer that for you. You need to go through the pros and cons mentioned above and make a decision based on your lifestyle, habits, and appearance.

You can’t go wrong if you let your facial hair grow, as it can only add manliness and awesomeness to your life.

On the other hand, there’s no shame in shaving if a hairy face isn’t compatible with your lifestyle. Remember that it’s about you, not anyone else, so only you can decide.

Do you think growing a beard is worth it? Also, check this; Are Grey Beards Attractive? and feel free to share your thoughts.