Best Cordless Hair Clipper that Won’t Blow a Hole in Your Pocket

Personal grooming plays an important socio-economic role in defining one’s personality, values, and self-esteem. And to impose these values, one must take extra care when selecting their grooming tools. Therefore, it is for this reason, I have put together this list of the best cordless hair clippers on the market.

And mind you, I have personally tested each of these clippers along with many others; however, these five are my top pick. And yes, I understand that every buck count, so their price is taken into consideration.

My promise to you is: ” this collection of cordless clippers will help you to achieve that world-class look, and that without blowing a hole in your wallet.”

best cordless hair clippers

Top 5 Best Cordless Hair Clippers for Men (2024)

So, without further ado, let’s delve into this list of the best cordless clippers.

#1. Remington HC6550 Review

Remington HC6550 cordless vacuum clipper

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My wife loves it when I use this clipper. Why? Because when I trim my hair, it gets pretty messy, and my wife hates it when I’m in a hurry and leave the hair behind on the floor. Well, this happens when I use other clippers.

But with the Remington HC6550, I can trim my hair, and the machine’s powerful vacuum then captures the hair in its expanded bin for easy disposal. So, if you want to avoid messy clean-ups when you trim at home, this clipper ticks that box.

And not only that but here are some more things that you will no doubt like about this hair clipper:

The device comes with titanium-coated blades, and these blades are the main driving force behind the chipper’s ability to cut through even the thickest of hair with relative ease.

It has an all-inclusive 18-piece kit. And with 11 combs of different lengths included, there’s no reason why you can’t experiment a bit.

Its battery is another plus; it delivers 60 minutes of non-stop use after a full charge. And considering that most guys’ average trimming session lasts for about 45 minutes, 60 minutes is more than enough to complete a full trimming session.

The device also comes with a 24-month warranty, so you don’t need to worry if your clipper gets damage, because getting a replacement is easy.


  • titanium coated blades.
  • A powerful built-in vacuum that allows the expanded bin to capture unwanted hair.
  • An all-in-one 18-piece kit: “with everything you need.”
  • Lithium powered battery to store energy longer.


  • Affordable: won’t break your budget.
  • It has a vacuum cleaner feature to avoid messy cleanup.
  • Titanium-Coated blades to deliver the perfect haircut experience, these blades will cut through thick hair with ease.
  • Sixty minutes of Lithium Power runtime, and this after four hours of charging: not bad if you consider the powerful vacuum this clipper is carrying.
  • Customers’ choice for the clipper with the best vacuum, and as previously mentioned, the vacuum of this clipper is fantastic.


  • A bit too noisy: “thanks to its powerful vacuum.”
  • Too bulky, especially if you have small hands.
  • Four hours charging, I find this a bit too long, anything less than two hours would’ve been reasonable.

Overall Assessment

All in all, I would recommend the Remington HC6550 cordless hair clipper to anyone looking for a good quality clipper, and one that doesn’t leave messy clean-ups behind. And besides, the clipper comes with titanium coated blades, an all-inclusive 18-piece kit, and a powerful Lithium powered battery.

#2. Panasonic ER-GP80 K Professional Review

Panasonic ER-GP80 K

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In terms of prolonging performance, this clipper is my pick. It’s super impressive, and I didn’t want to admit it, but even when I am not using this clipper, I can’t help but stare at it. Come to think of it, why not? It’s a slick-looking piece of device. And to add:

It has an ergonomic design, which means it’s lightweight, compact, slim, easy to hold, and use. The ergonomic design of this clipper makes it an ideal option for anyone, but especially those who are concerned about size, whether the clipper would fit in their hand correctly.

The clipper is slip-proof: “once this machine is in your hand, it wouldn’t slip out.”

The blades are uniquely designed to cut hair. The manufacturer of this device did a fantastic job in designing the clipper’s titanium coated, X-taper, sharp 45″ blade. And this enables the machine to provide a cutting experience that meets the strict demands of men who want to make trimming to the next level.


  • Professional clipper, highly recommended for experts.
  • Compact proof and break-proof body made with DLC coating as well as Titanium coating.
  • Three combs with six cutting lengths range from 3, 4, 6, 9,12,15mm
  • Various built-in adjustable cutting length: 0.8 to 2.0 mm.
  • 10000 RPM linear motor that delivers a precise, smooth, and a power cut
  • Universal voltage:100 to 240V.
  • Charging stand, stand for combs, oil, cleaning brush: “keeps everything organized.”


  • X-taper blades that are ideal for gripping and cutting hair that would otherwise be left behind.
  • 45º blade with sharp end, perfect for precision, and allows for a smooth and clean cut.
  • Linear motor with constant control, this technology analyses the hair density then automatically decides at what speed the blades operate.
  • Ergonomic design: “lightweight and easy to handle — an excellent choice for professionals, or anyone for that matter of fact.” The clipper also features a rubber grip to prevent the machine from slipping out your hand.
  • Dial knob: allows for easy adjustment of the built-in cutting lengths from 0.8 to 2.0 cm in steps of 0.3 mm each.
  • Lithium-ion battery: delivers 50 minutes runtime after an hour of charging.


  • Not waterproof

Overall Assessment

The Panasonic ER-GP80 Hair Clipper scores high on most features. It’s a well-rounded hair clipper. I can see that it is designed to deliver the best user experience possible. But I don’t like the fact that it isn’t waterproof. Other than that, this clipper is a reliable option.

#3. NEW MOSER LI+PRO 1884 Review


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Top of the line Moser hair clipper, and a favorite among professional barbers. And from my experience, I know the reason why. The blade of this device is stainless steel, and it’s sharp, it gets the hair cutting job was done in quick time: great for professionals.

But that is not to say that this machine isn’t suited for the average guy. Moser has gone so far as to say that this trimmer is perfect for home use as well. With this machine, you can experience the pleasure and the thrill that professionals have when cutting their clients’ hair.


  • Magic Blade II, for a quick, immaculate cut and trim, the blade is very sharp.
  • Six slide-on attachment combs, ranging from 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 25 mm.
  • Charging Stand: to hold the device while it charges.
  • Cleaning Brush: allows for easy cleaning.


  • Ergonomic Design: makes the device super light, easy to handle, and quiet.
  • Quick Change: allows you to easily remove the blade set and change to an optional “All in One Blade.”
  • Magic Blade II: featuring integrated cutting-lengths that you can adjust the range is from 0.7 to 3 mm, and the blade is of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Lithium-ion batteries: gives you up to 75 minutes of run time.
  • Dual Voltage 100-240V: use in any part of the world, and it features an EU socket and a Free US plug adapter.
  • Chip-Controlled Motor: produces constant speed to achieve an even trim.
  • Multi-Level Battery Capacity: for an expended run time.


  • Not Waterproof.

Overall Assessment

You won’t regret making this purchase, and at such an unbelievably low price, this clipper is godsent and stands out in many ways than not.

But what impressed me most about this clipper is the fact that it is incredibly quiet. And above all, it gets the job done without posing any problem.

Another factor that drew me into buying this clipper has to do with the fact that you get two batteries with the device. Well, if you ask me: “that’s a steal.” And when you add its lightweight, the even trim it gives, and ease of use, there are good reasons why this device is among the best cordless clipper.

#4. Sminiker Professional Hair Clipper Review

Sminiker Professional Hair Clipper

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The great hallmark of this hair clipper is its quietness. It is super quiet and is perfect for toddlers.

The thing I like about this clipper is Its user-friendly design. This device is super easy to handle; you can adjust and use the combs with great ease. If you are worried about whether this unit can meet your cutting demands: “no need to.”

The device has an R-shaped rounded blade that ensures an even cut, while at the same time protects your skin from cuts. I have mentioned this already, but I will repeat,” noise is a non-issue with the clipper.” And compared with more expensive brands, this hair clipper is right up there in terms of its quietness. Here what’s in the package:

1 x Sminiker Cordless Hair Clippers

1 x American standard AC Power Adapter

2 x Rechargeable battery

1 x Cleaning Brush

6 x Comb Attachments

1xclipper oil


  • Self-hair cutting system
  • Precision motor with low vibration
  • Titanium blade plus a ceramic movable blade: “remains sharp, and last for a long time.”
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries.


  • R shaped rounded edge design to guard against cuts.
  • 1-year warranty, considering the price: “a no-brainer.”
  • Quiet Motor: ” the clipper is equipped with a precision motor that makes little noise.”


  • Blades require regular oiling (after every two to three sessions)

Overall Assessment

If you are low on cash, but in urgent need of a top-notch clipper to satisfy your trimming needs. This bad boy is your answer. A few customers have even gone as far as to say that this clipper is superior to higher price tag clippers. And for me, the things I like the most about the trimmer is its unbelievably low price, two battery, and its quietness while in use.

#5. Wahl Professional Li Pro Clipper #8546

Wahl Professional Li Pro Clipper #8546

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Whether you are a professional barber, a seasoned pro, stylist, or beginner, the Wahl Professional Sterling Li Pro Clipper will meet your needs.

This cordless hair clipper is a top choice among professional barbers because it’s built to deliver high performance that satisfies high demands.

Wahl Professional Sterling LiPro hair clipper has a state-of-the-art design that allows it to work with perfect precision, ease, and comfort, as it cuts through different textures of hair.

This machine comes with six slides on cutting guides that allow you to cut different lengths of hair. Its equipped with a powerful motor that produces constant cutting power that cuts hair, rather than pulling them. This machine is also dual voltage, meaning you can use it in any part of the world without difficulties.

Wahl has built this clipper in such a way that you can easily adjust its taper and blade to your preference without it feeling uncomfortable in your hand. And cleaning your device’s blade isn’t an issue too, the clipper comes with lubricant oil for maintaining the blade.


  • Automatic recharging stand to hold your clipper while it charges.
  • Six slide-on cutting guides to using with your clipper.
  • Cleaning brush: allows you to clean the blade quickly.
  • One-piece housing for extended comfort
  • User’s manual with detailed instructions.


  • Unique slide-on cutting blades: it slides on easily and quickly on the combs.
  • Ergonomic design: lightweight, and it fits nicely in your hand.
  • Clip-Control Motor for constant power, regardless of hair type.
  • Lithium-ion battery: ideal for professional barbers, you will enjoy up to 75 minutes of run time.
  • Made in Germany with blue magic blade: very high quality.
  • It has a detachable blade for easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • Not waterproof.
  • No warranty outside the US.

Overall Assessment

This device is very sleek, and it fits perfectly in your hand. And it’s designed smartly with a powerful motor that produces constant cutting power. I mean, you can cut the hair on your neckline, head, or anywhere on the body for that matter of fact, without any difficulties.

There’s no pulling of your hair, neither cuts and nicks, the experience you will get using this cordless hair clipper is fantastic.

Buying Guide for the Best Cordless Clippers

Buying Guide for the Best Cordless Clippers

I’ve said this before, and I will repeat it, “all clippers aren’t equal.” And yes, this collection of cordless hair clippers discussed here will get the job done. But the fact remains, in terms of performance, some clippers perform much better than others. And depending on what your needs are, buying the right clipper is critical.

The following is a detailed breakdown of factors to consider when on what clipper to buy.

  • Guide Combs

They are there for a reason: “to protect you from unintentionally shaving too much of your hair.” And while cutting your hair isn’t difficult, doing so without the clipper’s guard can make trimming more complicated than you can imagine.

Guard combs are attachments that come with the clipper, and they have varying lengths. Some trimmers may come with a few guard combs, while others may come with a lot, but the critical thing here isn’t about the number of guard combs.

And while it’s wise to have a wide range of combs with varying lengths. It is, however, equally, or even more important, to have combs of high quality. So, if you have to: “spend a little more and buy a clipper with heavy-duty guard combs.” It’s a wise thing to do because the combs will, at some point, crash to the floor and damage if there are not of high quality.

  • The Storage System

As a rule of thumb, any hair clipper that comes with a lot of attachments should at least have some storage. So, whether it’s a case, bag, or box, it must have the option to store your clipper and accessories. Otherwise, it will be challenging to keep a lid on everything.

Also, the storage feature gives you the luxury to keep your device in a safe place and preventing dust and dirt from finding their way on the trimmer and its accessories. The storage system makes for easy carrying around too; tuck it away in your bag, and you can take it anywhere with you.

  • The Motor

The motor is by far the most crucial factor to consider when attempting to buy a clipper; a weak motor will, to some extent, get the job done. But will prevent you from cutting your hair the way it should. The motor is the core of the clipper, and as such, one must ensure that it’s powerful.

Enough to power the trimmer’s blade quickly, thus achieving a smooth and clean haircut. Also, a powerful motor allows the cutting edges to cut through thick hair, while at the same time isn’t noisy.

And I cannot stress this more, but cheap motors will burn out quicker, and ruin your trimming experience. They won’t produce enough power to fuel the cutting blades to give you a smooth and clean cut. Instead, using a clipper with a weak motor will cause the cutting edges to grab and pull your hair as you trim.

The whole point in you buying a cordless hair clipper is to get a clean, smooth, and comfortable shave without complications. Therefore, I highly recommend that you buy a clipper with a powerful motor; that way, you won’t have any buyer’s remorse.

  • Battery

Each clipper listed in this buyer’s guide is cordless. And though you can use a few of them with cords, the focus point is their cordless use. And with that being the case, the unit’s battery life is as important as anything else discussed here. Because its battery fuels the machine. Hence, for this reason, it is paramount to choose a clipper with good battery life.

I prefer trimmers that use Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries. Lithium-Ion batteries are powerful. They store an enormous amount of energy, and they have almost no memory effect. Add to that; they are the best among the three types of batteries, and a common feature in top-notch cordless hair clippers.

Tips to boost your cordless clipper battery life

The battery life of your cordless trimmer can either make or break it. And because getting replacement batteries are so expensive and essential for your unit’s performance. I have decided to share a few tips that you can use to boost and prolong the battery life of your clipper.

These tips are simple and easy to follow, and I know you will thank me later because, in the long run, you will save a lot of money. And your clipper will keep at peak performance for a longer than average time.

  • Charge to maximum

If possible, at all times, allow your battery to charge to its maximum. Otherwise, you run the risk of killing your clipper before it’s time. I know that most cordless trimmers come with a quick charge option, but use this option only when needed.

Because while the fast charge option adds extra value in the short run, in the long term, it will prove detrimental to your electric clipper.

  • Avoid overcharging your hair clipper

It is not a good idea to leave the electric trimmer to charge overnight. Why? Most trimmers achieve a full charge in one hour. And when an electric shaver reaches its maximum charge while still connected to a power source, it goes into trickle mode.

And in trickle mode, the battery stops charging when it reaches 100 percent — resulting in the battery losing its charge. And because the battery is connected to a power source, when the charge drops below 100%, it restarts charging. This cycle will continue until you disconnect the battery from the power source.

And while what I’ve discussed isn’t apparent, it slowly kills the battery of your unit. Therefore, I caution you to take extra care in not overcharging your device.

And if your shaver does not have an indicator to reveal your battery status, use the manual to get an idea of how long the clipper takes to charge fully.

  • Fully charge your cordless hair clippers before first use

Charging your unit before you use it is recommended by most clipper manufacturers. That’s because the first charge is by far the most crucial charge of any electronic device. So, charge your cordless device as soon as you get it. The first charge helps to set the precedent level of charge for your battery during its entire life span.

  • Do not leave your hair clipper exposed to direct sunlight

Direct sunlight is hazardous to all types of batteries. When you leave your cordless hair clipper exposed to direct sunlight, the battery will lose its ability to store energy. And it does not matter if the battery is charged fully: “It just doesn’t have enough energy as it other would.”

  • Do not charge in very cold or hot environments

The temperature at which you charge your hair clipper plays a vital role in preserving its battery life. Avoid charging your device in extremely hot or cold temperature, because doing so will prevent the battery from storing maximum energy. Ideally, you want to charge your clipper in a room temperature environment.


Not only do you want sharp blades for your hair clipper, but sharp blades that stay sharp, period. Inferior quality cutting blades don’t stay sharp. They create a lot of problems after a few months of use. For example, when trimming with a weak quality blade, you will feel a pulling or tugging of your hair as you use the device.

The best way of escaping this problem is by buying a clipper that has self-sharpening stainless-steel blades. This will result in the cutting blades staying sharp; the blades will automatically sharpen themselves while you use the clipper.

And of course, stainless steel self-sharpening cutting blades will ensure that the blades last as long as possible.

Safety Mechanisms

Cutting your hair involves risk, especially if you are a novice. But a cordless hair clipper with safety mechanisms reduces risk. For example, the chances of you cutting yourself using a cordless clipper that has rounded edges are slim. It’s best to invest in a clipper that has a range of safety mechanisms.

The Kit

How many pieces of accessories make up the kit? Having the right accessories for your clipper is going to expand the useful life of your clipper. And I think I mentioned this already, “it’s not about the number of accessories, but the quality of accessories that comes with the clipper.” However, a good home use clipper should come with the following:

  • Clipper oil and grease – to oil the blades regularly (not for all hair clippers).
  • Comb attachments – must have varying lengths (not for all models).
  • Manual – to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


The weight of your cordless hair clipper is as important as any other factor. Your device may have all the other features/characteristics listed here, but if it’s too heavy, it will ruin your hair cut. For this reason, the weight of your clipper must be taken into consideration when attempting to buy a cordless hair clipper.


Who doesn’t want to protect their investment, after all, spending your money to buy a good quality hair clipper is an investment in one’s self? And as such you want to ensure that every cent you spend is justified. For this reason, having a warranty on your hair clipper is a must.

Fortunately, most hair clippers come with a warranty, but lookout for a longer warranty. Because at any time something can go wrong with your clipper. And knowing that your clipper has an extended warranty brings peace of mind and protects your investment.


Cordless hair clippers are stylish, but the idea behind buying one is to have the freedom of using it, in and out of the shower. Therefore, one must pay attention to this feature to see if the device is fully waterproof. However, this preference is a personal one because it depends on the conditions you intend on using your clipper.

If you are a professional barber or don’t plan to use your hair clipper in the shower, then this is not an issue. Nevertheless, it is something to look out for.


Using a noisy hair clipper to cut your hair is annoying. Not only for the person cutting their hair but for persons nearby. And besides, it is not recommended to put a loud clipper next to your ear; doing this will create long term hearing problems. So, make sure that your clipper is reasonably quiet.

Cordless Hair Clippers – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People ask the following three questions more frequently about cordless clippers.

  • How to clean the clipper’s blades?

If your cordless hair clipper has stainless steel self-sharpening blades, cleaning isn’t necessary; they will clean themselves. But if otherwise, you will need to oil your blades after every two or three sessions. And you also, with some blades, have the option of cleaning them under running water to get rid of unwanted hair on them.

  • The blade on the clipper gets hot, is that normal?

This depends on how long the device has been running. Anything over 45 minutes at high speed may result in this happening. However, ceramic blades stay cooler for a more extended period.

  • Can I sharpen the blade on my hair clippers?

Absolutely, but I suggest that you buy a hair clipper with self-sharpening blades. But if that isn’t possible, and you need to sharpen them, then make full use of the service center and sharpen or replace them.


We’ve reached the end of a pretty comprehensive buyer’s guide, one that discussed the best cordless clippers available. All of my recommendations are based on personal experience, and the fact that I have listed them here means that they will deliver the bang for the buck.

Go ahead and choose any hair clipper from this list. I am confident that you’re going to enjoy the experience of using them, while at the same time, you won’t have to dig deep in your pockets.