Do Nose Hairs Grow Back? How long does it take?

Do Nose Hairs Grow Back? Unlike the hair on other body parts, nose hair does not grow back more quickly upon being trimmed. There’s no evidence for this, though we may see this happening in other areas. Meanwhile, plucking may prevent it from growing back at all, and that would leave your nose unprotected.

A fascinating aspect of nose hairs is that they do not behave the same as the hair on other parts of your body. One aspect of this is that if you trim your nose hairs, they will not grow back anymore quickly, even though we can see this phenomenon occurring with hair on other parts of the body. Furthermore, the act of plucking your nose hairs may lead to those hairs not growing back at all.

Removal Of Nose Hairs

Removal Of Nose Hairs

It should come as no shock that many men put their nose hairs into question, especially during their early 20s.

Even men who don’t notice their nose hairs or do not have substantial nose hair growth until later in life will eventually need to face a simple truth: nobody is immune to dealing with their pesky nose hair.

Furthermore, as we age, those pesky noise hairs appear to get even thicker and more noticeable.

And while I can’t speak for everyone, probably the last thing a man wants are thick, long hairs that are protruding from their nostrils.

Fortunately, tackling these nose hairs has been a problem that men have been taking on for many many years.

While many methods have been stated identically for generations, there are new methods in thanks to technological advances that had made the process of removing nose hair that much easier.

So no matter if you are a senior citizen or a college-aged man, this article has all the in’s & out’s about removing those horrifying nose hairs! Furthermore, we will answer some interesting questions about nose hairs in general.

We will be sure to go into detail about helping you find the best method for your nose hairs and even pass on some advice to make the actual elimination of nose hairs as pain-free as possible.

The trick to removing nose hairs is to be prepared. Irrespective of which technique you decide to use to remove your nose hairs, it is important to keep in mind that this area of the body can be described as reasonably sensitive. Always handle your nose hairs with care!

To avoid excruciating pain, be as gentle as you can, for moving too quickly or without precision may lead to a great deal of pain.

One thing is for sure, we do not recommend the act of jabbing a tool in your nose and digging around. This can lead to pain and also injuries that damage the inside of your nose.

Instead, be patient and mindful of what your body is saying to you. If a certain method does not seem effective in removing the hairs or even causes you too much pain, just go ahead and try a different method.

Regardless of what method you decide is best for you, we recommend blowing your nose before you decide to do any trimming or plucking of your nose hairs.

This is done to ensure that there is not any mucus or debris that may be hiding in your nose and preventing a smooth process of removing the hairs. Blowing your nose should be a relatively quick process.

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Why Do We Care So Much About Nose Hairs (And Removing Them)?

Why Do We Care So Much About Nose Hairs (And Removing Them)

The answer to this question can be boiled down to a simple answer: appearance. You would be hard-pressed to find someone that finds long hairs sticking out of your nose as attractive.

This notion can be said for both men and women alike, although it is men that tend to have the more distinguishing nose hairs.

With this in mind, the primary purpose of removing nose hairs is to make ourselves more attractive. Removing those pesky hairs can give a person a cleaner and more presentable face.

The longest of nose hairs, though, do not just pose a hindrance to one’s level of attraction. The longest of nose hairs may pose a threat of getting stuck in other facial hair or having food get stuck to it.

Due to this, we believe our advice is very sound that tackling long nose hairs is your best best.

Wrong Methods For Removing Nose Hairs

Our research has shown that there are, in fact, improper ways of removing your nose hairs. While it may be of use to inform you in this article of the best ways to go about removing your nose hairs, we feel it makes just as much sense to tell you the ways that you should not do it.

The first method we do NOT recommend is Depilatory Creams. These creams are known for being effective ways of removing hair, but this cream is generally used for other parts of the body—not the nose.

The creams work by breaking apart at the root and dissolving the hair by rubbing the cream deep into your skin.

This act is generally without pain and is also a very effective way of removing hair that can be simply rinsed away in the confines of your own shower.

Sadly enough, the creams use certain chemicals that are essentially synthetic and can cause damage to your nose.

The cream, which is normally ok for places on your body such as your back, a person’s nose is far less rigid and such a cream can cause damage that lasts for a great deal of time—it can even be permanent in some cases.

Another reason not to use these hair removal creams for your nose hairs is that the lining of mucus in your nose will be compromised, essentially leaving you more at risk of becoming sick.

Therefore, with all of the reasons listed above, we suggest you avoid any creams when it comes to getting rid of nose hairs.

  • Deep Tweezing

Another way that men try to remove pesky nose hairs is by using tweezers. But instead of gently tweezing, they stick the tweezers very far into their nose.

We cannot overstate that putting tweezers or trying to remove nose hair that is very deep in your nasal canal will almost certainly lead to either an injury or very deep pain.

Such an act can lead to a person scratching their inner lining, which can quickly turn into a person’s nose bleeding and clots that get caught in one’s throat or nasal passage.

There is simply no good reason to be so aggressive when it comes to plucking your nose hairs.

The only reason to be plucking nose hairs anyways was to remove the hairs that are outwards and visible, not the ones that are deep in one’s nose. Therefore, avoid any kind of deep plucking for the best results.

Risks Of Removing Nose Hairs 

The process of removing nose hairs can come with a few caveats, which I will be happy to expand on. Let it be known, though, that any of these risks can be easily avoided with proper care or being gentle with your nose.

  • Ingrown Nose Hairs

In the act of removing your nose hairs, it is possible that one of the removed hairs may start growing back in an improper manner. This can be something such as the hair growing in the wrong direction and bending in an irregular manner.

This can be described as ingrown nose hair. Many people have observed this sensation but usually, it occurs elsewhere on their body—not their nose. Regardless, these ingrown hairs can lead to itchiness, soreness, and a bit of red irritation.

With all this being said, we want to stress that an ingrown nose hair is no different than elsewhere on your body, and won’t cause any long-term issues other than a short period of discomfort.

Our best advice if you do get an ingrown nose hair is to simply stop playing around with your nose and allow the hair to eventually break free or fall off. You can even take it one step further by applying a warm washcloth directly to the ingrown hair, but again, your body should naturally deal with the ingrown hair without any issues.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Do Nose Hairs Grow Back?

Is it bad to remove nose hair?

As a rule of thumb, waxing or plucking your nose hairs is not recommended. It can lead to ingrown hairs and infections, and you could also damage the skin that is deep inside your nose. However, trimming nose hairs is safe and ok.

How long does it take for nose hair to grow back after shaving?

Depending on the method of shaving, a nose hair may take just a few days to reappear, and in some cases, it may not even return, especially if methods such as waxing or plucking are used.

Do nose hairs grow back thicker?

It is a common misconception that nose hairs can grow back thicker. This is not the case.

Can nose hair be permanently removed?

In general, no method of nose hair removal will ever permanently remove the hairs. However, some methods will keep the return of the hairs at bay for much longer than others.

Has anyone died plucking nose hairs

While there is no on record recording of death via nose hair plucking, it can be said that there is an inherent risk of death if you are putting something too deep inside of your nose that is metal and could lead to an infection, especially being so close to your brain.