What are the Health benefits of growing a beard?

You can’t go wrong when you grow a beard. This great sign of masculinity is bound to give any man a boost in his confidence and to get his self-esteem to the sky. But are beards’ benefits limited to aesthetics and looks? No, says science.

Several past studies tried to defame beards by claiming that they’re a natural habitat for all sorts of bacteria, but recent research proved them wrong, including a study published on the Journal Of Hospital Infection, which proved that men with beards are less likely to get infected by harmful bacteria compared to clean shaved individuals. That lead to even more studies about the subject, which ultimately led to the discovery of many health benefits that come directly from beards.

So, get rid of that shaving blade, as these ten health benefits will establish an unbreakable bound between you and your facial hair.

What are the health benefits of growing a beard?

health benefits of beards

Reduced risk of skin cancer

When it comes to skin cancer, no factor can compete with the sun and its ultra violet rays, which cause around 90% of non melanoma skin cancers. For that very reason, humans have been trying to protect themselves from the burning star since the beginning of time. Although we invented hats, sunglasses, sun lotions and every type of product to cover our skin and reduce cancer rates, we weren’t able to eliminate it completely.

If you’re a bearded man, I have good news for you. A 2012 study that was conducted in Australia revealed that beards block 95% of all sunlight, thus reducing skin cancer risk to the lowest level.Again, that study was in Australia. You can’t just ignore a study about the sun in freaking Australia.

On the other hand, if you’re a clean-jawed man, it’s time to populate that skin of yours, especially if you’re living in a country where the sun is brutal.

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Grow a beard to moisturize your face

You face is full of sebaceous glands, which work as natural moisturizers by secreting oils, thus preventing your skin from going dry. The problem is, sun and wind exposure can reduce those oils, which may result in a dry face and a weak skin. Thankfully, the beard intervenes once again to protect those glands.

Do not overuse harsh soaps on your beard though, as they can decrease natural oils. Keep your beard clean and moisturized at all time by using the right shampoos and conditioners for the optimum protection to your skin.

If you don’t shave your beard, you won’t suffer from shaving problems (duh)

I mean, come on, this must have been obvious, right? No more cuts, irritated or rush skin. Forget about that frustrating razor blade as you won’t need it anymore. Keep your skin protected by taking care of its guardian angel, your beard. If this is not a health benefit, I don’t know what is.

Beards reduce allergies

Although there are no definitive studies to firmly confirm this, many scientists believe that beards prevent allergies, and the explanation is totally logical. When pollen and allergens are about to enter your eyes, nose or throat, your beard comes in to save the day by standing as shield between those particles and your body.

Some studies suggest that the beard even enhances one’s immune system as the body develops antibodies against allergens that are stuck in one’s beard even if they don’t enter the body.

Beards are medicine

If you’ve been suffering from influenza, flu or cold for some time and you’re too lazy to pay the doctor a visit, maybe you should consider growing a beard, as they work as natural conditioners for your face keeping it warm and protecting it even when it’s Siberia outside.

Even for mental health

A beard can have an enormous effect on one’s mood. Imagine getting out of the house with a bad humor just to get a compliment about your beard once you’re in the street. Wouldn’t that be extremely comforting?

A beard can give you a great boost of motivation and confidence, which would embellish your mental health. Since the mind and the body are one, your physical health would definitely get better if your beard is doing good.

A beard can drastically improve your sex life

health benefits of beards

A 2008 study by Northumbria University found that most women perceive men with facial hair as better sex partners. Although those are personal preferences that may differ from one woman to the other, we can’t deny that a beard makes a man look more masculine, tough and sexy. Beards are the epitome of manliness, period. If you want that neighbor of yours to start noticing you, grow some beard and prove to her that you’re the Hercules she’s been looking for!

Beards reduce bacterial infections

It a known fact that bacteria live everywhere on our skin, including our face. Attempting to shave your beard may result in cuts that would be the perfect gates for bacteria to invade our bodies.Beards stand as a shield against these bacteria and reduce its chances of entering.

Say goodbye to blemishes

Blemishes are annoying, no one can deny that.Women would do anything to hide such skin problem. Thankfully, when you’re a man, it’s merely a matter of letting your beard grow and voila! Perfect face! Let your facial hair go wild and hide that skin of yours underneath, and you’ll never be worried about which product to use again.


Beards are majestic. They’re so good that I feel sad whenever I see a man with a clean face. If you’re among the fortunate that have a full-grown beard, you should be thankful for what you have. On the other hand, if you’re still waiting for your hair to reach a reasonable length, hurry up, we’re waiting for you, you don’t want to miss all the aesthetics and health benefits we’re enjoying here. Have you ever felt or considered one of the health benefits mentioned above? Tell us your stories, we’re eager to hear them out.