How to Clean Your Mustache Like a Pro (2024)

The mustache is coming back as a trend above the lips of urban gentlemen, after a long time out of the fashion scene. Growing a mustache is relatively simple, but the hard part is the cleaning and maintaining it all the time. How to take care of your ‘stache? It’s simple: keep it clean and well-trimmed.

The art of caring for your mustache: tips

How to clean your mustache

How to clean your mustache?

First, get it wet

You need to wet your mustache until it’s thoroughly saturated. It is recommended to do it using distilled water as the normal one coming from the tap. That way, you won’t fall under the risk of getting breakage and yellow-colored hair.

Second, use some shampoo

Now, put some shampoo or facial wash on the tip of your fingers, and gently apply it to your mustache while your mouth is closed. Pass your fingers on every spot. Make sure the shampoo you’re using an excellent certified product.

If you notice that your mustache has some dead skin on it, consider using a dandruff shampoo, as it can make your hair, even the facial one, look cleaner

Third, rinse the shampoo

Rinse the shampoo entirely utilizing either tap or distilled water.

Fourth, apply a conditioner

Apply a conditioner to keep your mustache shiny and crisp-looking. Just like the shampoo, try to cover all your mustache, then leave it there for some minutes. You can find the optimal duration in the conditioner package. Make sure you’re using a brand that’s compatible with your hair type.

Fifth, rinse off the conditioner

Rinse off the conditioner with distilled water.

Dry your mustache

Dry that upper lip hair of yours using a clean towel

It’s trimming time!

Now and then; preferably once per week, use a scissor to trim your mustache to get it to the desired shape, as you don’t want your mustache to be messy.

How often should you clean your mustache?

It depends on your lifestyle. If you’re working in an office with clean air, doing it once per day and after meals are enough.

On the other hand, if you work or live in an area with a polluted environment, or simply one that can get your mustache a bit dirty, if I may say, then you’re better off doing several times per day to preserve your public image.

Can the same process be applied to your beard as well?

Cleaning your beard follows the same procedure. It’s just longer.

Any other tips for mustache cleaning?

  • Use a face scrub to remove any debris stuck in your mustache
  • Don’t be scared of wax, as it can give your ‘stache a good definition
  • Get a mustache style that matches the rest of your facial hair
  • Trim your mustache when it’s dry, and moisturize your skin afterward as dry skin can be itchy and uncomfortable
  • Invest in good products, as your mustache is your glory
  • Splash your face with cold water before bed to remove any debris stuck there
  • Most importantly, give your mustache the proper care it deserves as your attractiveness depends on it!