How to Grow a Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke Beard is one of the prominent types of beard style in the early 17th century. In fact, it is one of the oldest styles out there. It features the Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke, who was quite the main person that wears this awesome beard style with elegancy in those times.

Today, the Van Dyke beard is now one of the commonest types of beard styles you can wear any day, any time. Perhaps you have an anchor beard and mustache, then you have already got the Van Dyke Beard going.

All you need is just a little bit of precision. If you wish to have a new look at elegancy, continue reading to learn how to grow and shape your Van Dyke goatee.

What is the Van Dyke Beard?

What is the Van Dyke Beard

Before we jump to the process of making a Van Dyke beard, it is important you know some of the features pertaining to the beard style. As seen in the classic, Van Dyke beard is a combination of a pointed goatee with a mustache. What set the difference between this style and others is that there is a separation between the floating mustache, chin beard, and anchor beard

Traditionally, the Van Dyke beard always maintains a goatee and a curled mustache. However, nowadays, people grow the beard style in a whole different way like having a different mustache style with the Van Dyke goatee. If you want to rock this elegant beard style, read on to find out more!

How to Make a Van Dyke Style?

If you already have your Van Dyke goatee and a mustache of varying thickness, all you need is just a little bit of precision to get that Van Dyke’s authentic look.

However, if this is your first time, it could be tricky. You have got to put in more effort with some precision.

This session will talk mainly about how you can make your Van Dyke Beard without any stress. Just follow these simple steps

Step 1 – Growing

The first thing you have got to do is to grow your facial hairs at least about 2cm long for about 2 to 3 weeks. By this time, your facial hair should be thick enough for styling.

Also, in case you have got a slow hair growth, you could make use of beard oil to stimulate rapid growth while looking healthy.

Step 2 – Combing

After you have grown your facial hair of about 2cm long, comb your hair including the mustache and beard downwards

Step 3 – Trimming

Get your beard trimmer and trim the beards. While doing this, try to create a line from both sides of your mustache facing down along your jaw area. This is just to create some sort of reference. Now, connect these lines along your neck

Step 4 – Precision Trimming

Trim off any facial hair along your cheekbones, neck, and sidelines. Likewise, ensure that there is no connection between your beard and mustache. Look for the line of symmetry to make your line straight while trimming

Step 5 – Perfection

Check for the untrimmed parts and trim appropriately. Ensure your Van dyke part is not ruined and looks clean. Clean your face afterward.

What are Van Dyke Beard Alternatives?

What are Van Dyke Beard Alternatives?

Have you wondered what style could possibly fit your face cut better? Do you think you should just maintain your full beard because you don’t know how else to style it?

Perhaps you are just looking to explore more classy looks. Well, regardless of all these, there are lots of alternatives to having a Van Dyke beard.

As Van Dyke beard is as classy, elegant as it could be, there are numerous other alternatives that also share those features.

However, while choosing to get an alternative option, you should consider some attributes like your face cut including your face length and jawline, lifestyle, and even your personality.

You could consider something like an anchor beard, it could just be the Van Dyke goatee, Balbo beard, scruffy beard, and a lot more

What are the Styling Options for Van Dyke Beard?

Apart from the traditional Van Dyke beard, here are some of the variants of the Van Dyke beard style.

  • Modern Floating Styling

Modern Floating

This variant of Van Dyke beard has a curled mustache. The curled mustache could then have varying length and thickness depending on individual preferences

  • Medium Length Style

Medium Length

When you are considering the length of your beards, this could just be an option for you. The beards are kept at a constant medium length while still maintaining the curled mustache as seen in modern floating Van Dyke beard

  • Anchor Beard

anchor van dyke beard style

You can combine your anchor beard style with the classical Van Dyke look. All you have got to do is to have more separation between the chin beards and the mustache.

  • Long Beard Style

long van dyke beard

You might feel to maintain a bushy appearance while still maintaining a Van Dyke beard. Just grow your full facial hairs and you are set already. This style brings out masculinity and elegance. However, it could look rather wild if you don’t clean and maintain it well.

  • Faded Sideburns

Another style is combining a Van Dyke goatee with faded sideburns and a short mustache. All you have to do is to grow your facial hair up to a certain thickness and trim it by fading towards the upper half and the top

  • Shaved Cheekbone

Shaved Cheekbone

If you want an absolute distinction for your Van Dyke goatee and mustache, this could be what you need. The hair on your cheekbone is thoroughly shaved. You can decide to allow the mustache to join with the goatee also.

Final Thoughts

The Van Dyck beard style is one of the commonest styles out there. It portrays elegancy and masculinity by pairing a goatee and mustache of different lengths depending on individual preferences.

You can as well rock this elegant look by following the steps outlined above and be sure to check out some of the styling options for your beard. Also, don’t forget some of the factors while choosing an alternative to Van Dyke’s beard.

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