Best Shape Up Clippers Reviewed

No doubt, a nice hair care routine comes with a range of benefits – Including appearance uplift and high self-esteem. To achieve this, a good trimmer is a must-have – the most valuable weapon in your hair care arsenal.

Although clippers are the most valuable tool in any grooming session, the product quality determines your result. So, for the best outcome, ensure you buy clippers from reputable manufacturers. These products come well-packed – with all relevant accessories – and are highly reliable.

Manufacturers like Wahl Professional and Andis have built a name over the years for top quality – and you can always trust them to sustain this profile with each of their products.

Interestingly, these clippers are versatile – they can perform a range of shaving functions. Some come with double heads – one for regular shaving and the other for trimming hairs in the ears and nose.

There’s a widespread misconception that clippers are for stylists and hairdressers – not true. For convenience, you may be better off with your personal clipper for DIY grooming in the comfort of your home.

Do you seek the best shape up clippers but not sure how to make the best pick? Of course, the market for trimmers is flooded with a truckload of options. The wide-ranged alternatives make it even more difficult to make a choice. Does this describe your current challenge?

Best Shape Up Clippers and Trimmers of 2024

best shape up clippers

No worries. After thorough market research, here is a guide to help you make a well-informed decision when buying shape up clippers. While there are tons of quality clippers, here are our top five picks:

#1. Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip #8148

Great for Barbers & Stylists – Precision Cordless Fade Clipper Loaded with Features – 90+ Minute Run Time

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip #8148

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Wahl hardly ever disappoints when it comes to quality and professionalism. The Wahl Professional 5-star Magic Clip #8148 adds another feather to their hat. The flexible and versatile design makes this product a good fit for a range of hair styling needs.

The cutter is designed with a sturdy body with zero-overlap 2161 fast-effect blades. Spotted on the top is a taper lever which helps adjust the trimmer for the most fitting blends and fades.

In the battery compartment, its lithium-ion battery offers a 90-minute work time on a single charge – the clipper also works with direct electricity, for extended usage.

This trimmer comes with 8 attachment combs. These combs increase the ease of navigating through different hair levels.

The cutter also features a cleaning brush which helps to dust off anything –particularly hairs – trapped between the blade. The brush comes in handy for oiling the blades for a better cutting experience.

Users’ View:

Users say the cutter is easy to use – regardless of hair length or texture. The guide combs help for a better cut and a good trim. A bit over 6”, the clipper makes it easy for operators to have good control over where it goes and what it does all around the head.

The sound-proof build makes the cutting process more convenient, as it prevents noises and vibrations – no unnecessary sounds.No struggle for a good grip.


A couple of users decry the difficulty in cleaning hairs trapped between the teeth – even with the extra brush.

#2. Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510

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One advantage of shape up trimmers –you can drift from one length to another during barbing. With its double blades, the Oster Fast Feed adjustable motor clipper offers a range of cutting options – based on hair type.

The body is designed with a burgundy tone and a lever for selecting between the two blades. The blades are 000 and 1 unit – 0.5 and 2.4mm long respectively. Users can switch between blades based on the hair length – for easier cut and more appealing shape up to look. The power knob spotted on the side lays a bit flat, to avoid accidental contact during cutting.

The cutter comes with less sound, for a more comfortable shave experience.

Users’ View

Oster Fast Feed clipper comes with remarkable versatility when it comes to grooming in general. It works well even for the toughest of hairs. The additional four-blend-comb makes the cutting process less stressful.

Its long power cord does not obstruct the operator’s movement while cutting. The motor is well placed to avoid annoying vibrations.

Its small size comes as a plus to operators as it allows for a good full grip.


The clipper comes with a rigorous cleaning process. You may find it a bit technical to remove bits of hairs from the blade.

#3. Remington HC6550 Vacuum Haircut Kit

Remington HC6550 cordless vacuum clipper

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Remington offers you a clipper set that contains all necessities needed for a haircut, as well as tools that simplify the clean-up process.

While it sounds strange using vacuums to comb a clipper, Remington makes it a norm.

Remington vacuum haircut kit contains a cutter designed with titanium-coated blades to take on any kind of hair. The trimmer performs incredibly well on both dry and wet hair.

With as many as eleven guide combs, users have a more enhanced experience navigating through the toughest and thickest of hairs. Two of these guide combs are designed with fade and taper effects.

On its part, the vacuum is a separate mechanism that sucks in hair bits. These bits of cut off hairs fall into the vacuum bin located right beneath the blade. For maintenance, simply detach the bin for a simple clean.

The battery compartment boasts a lithium-ion battery which offers up to 60 minutes’ usage per 4-hour charge. You may also use the clipper with direct electricity, for more extended usage.

  • Users’ Take

Users find the vacuum cleaning idea interesting – thankfully, the system is highly effective.

The firm and sharp blades make passing through the hair a lot easier. The clipper, users say, maintains its performance over time – regardless of the usage period.

The round-like layout of the design comes as a plus for a better grip during trimming.

  • Downside?

The vacuum may not be suitable for people with long hair. Also, the cutter does better on wet hairs. Blades may easily get hair trappings – particularly on thick hairs.

#4. Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110

Great for Barbers and Stylists – Cuts Surgically Close for Full Head Balding – Twice the Speed of Pivot Motor Clippers.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110

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The professional 5-star balding clipper was designed with balding concerns in mind. It gives a relatively closer cut than most others. Although primarily suited to give bald heads a full shave, seekers of a shape up cut may also achieve a standard edge cut.

The body is designed with contours for better comfort – with both hands. The curves on the sides help handlers get a better grip. They feature titanium blades with self-sharpening technology that offers fast cutting. For extra support, you may use either of the three combs.

With balding in mind, the blade cuts closer than most clippers around. This close-cut, however, will not cause irritation or any form of damage to the skin. The electromagnetic motor of this cutter can hardly ever go unnoticed. This product arguably cuts through hair faster – compared to the pivot motor.

  • Users’ View

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper comes with an amazing design. Besides its visual appeal, the trimmer is widely adjudged efficient. It goes through the hair in no time – delivery a fast and even trim.

With the power cord, the trimmer may stay powered for hours with sustained performance. The comb attachments are easy to fix and use. They also offer additional cutting experience on all hair levels.

The settings are pretty easy – even a novice can grab pretty fast.

The clipper comes with a brush with bristles dense enough to clean hair bits from the blades. The self-sharpened blades increase the functionality and general performance of this cutter.

  • Downsides?

The kit has relatively fewer attachments. Its short design – without a taper trimmer attachment – users say, is a major turnoff.

#5. Andis Professional T-Outliner Hair Trimmer

Andis Professional T-Outliner Hair Trimmer

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If you seek a hair trimmer that combines simplicity and performance, Andi Professional T-Outliner is your best bet. This cutter ranks among the top hairline clippers on the market – the set offers you a basic layout.

The body is grooved to offer a firm grip – with both hands. The power knob is spotted on the tail top of the trimmer to avoid interference with your hand when barbing. The slim curved body shape allows the hand to have a full hold of the device.

The blades are made of carbon steel, which gives a close cut without leaving irritations or other skin concerns. The teeth are well arranged – one towards another – for the deepest and closest shave possible.

This unit features an eight-foot power cord. The cord is flexible and durable – doesn’t wear out regardless of twisting during use. Again, the device is highly sound-proof – Its housing unit is well placed to reduce motor vibration to its barest minimum.

  • Users’ View

The blades’ position is a big plus – they are arranged outside the housing; such that you may use just a part of the row on your skin. This feature comes in handy when edging the hairs around the top of your ear.

The clipper is light-weight, slim, with an easy-grip body design. It does well on both dry and wet hairs.

  • Downsides?

It is pretty difficult to replace the blades. You may have to remove the blades with a screwdriver for a good clean.

Why You Should Opt for Edge up Clippers

Edge up Clippers

Gift It.

Shape up clippers are widely affordable – gifting a friend or family member a unit will not make you go broke. This makes a perfect gift to buddies and loved ones who do frequent DIY grooming. However, you may have a rethink if recipients are not passionate about beards and hairstyling during grooming.

Since it’s a gift idea, you may not be sure of their preferred grooming requirements. So, it could be more sensible to go for a product with all-around basic features befitting an average groomer. However, products from brands like Wahl and Andis are widely reliable and would make a good pick.

Exude Professionalism

For professionals, a shape up trimmer is a must-have in your toolbox. This variety of clippers help barbers deliver more professionalism to their clients. Most clients pay attention to the slightest details – this clipper will help deliver consistency at every cut.

Besides, the edge up clippers are versatile and offer quality that may be impossible with other types. This could make you win the heart of your clients and have them come again. You could win some repeat clients because of the distinctive cut these particular clippers give. So, logically, you may lose them if you don’t own one.

Step Up Your DIY Grooming

Some persons prefer to handle their shaving and styling themselves. If you belong here, shape up clippers are your best bet – particularly if you are a style freak.

Personal grooming helps improve your outlook and, in turn, boosts self-confidence. The ease in using these trimmers give you the freedom to try out new styles until you discover the best fit – all in the comfort of your home.

So, if you love grooming, an investment in a shape up clipper will be worthwhile.

Before you choose an edge up clipper, consider:

Brand Quality

When considering a shape up clipper for purchase, functionality comes before the brand. However, brand quality speaks of reliability and all-round performance. Barbers will get the bang for their bucks when they opt for clippers from trusted manufacturers in the grooming industry.

That said, clients are usually attracted to barbershops with reputable brands. Sticking with these top brands increase clients’ trust in your services. Avoid substandard products at all costs and sustain your business’ goodwill. A rule of thumb in business says higher quality attracts a higher fee.

Attachment Features

Based on your preferred model, you might want to go for a trimmer with guide combs. With these attachments, you can easily handle longer and thicker hairs – different combs for the different hair lengths. Some kits contain taper-style combs which help for a unique fade.

Powerful Motor

Normally, the trimmer’s motor ought to offer a standard and consistent power to handle any level of barbing required.

Also, the motor should be as ‘quiet’ as possible – loud noises and vibrations cause serious discomfort to the operator.

A magnetic motor is most preferred for long term consistency. These motors offer significant results with relatively less effort.


professional shape up clippers

Your shape-up clipper should allow you to perform a range of tasks. Normally, your clipper should be designed to perform tasks on your beards, around the ear, sideburns, and your back neck. This versatility prevents you from making additional expenses on additional trimmers to suit your varied grooming needs.

Again, consider if your preferred option is wired or wireless. If you prefer a wireless trimmer, you may opt for a unit with a good battery backup. However, it is also smart to also get a wired version, as you can use them, extensively, without being conscious of the battery capacity.

Quality Blades

Show me well-groomed hair and I will show you the power of quality blades. Get a kit with good blades – this can never be overemphasized. For best results, go for clippers with stainless steel blades. Besides quality cuts, they are highly durable.

Also, have an eye for self-sharpening blades. These blades come with a relatively long lifespan. It would be terrible to buy a trimmer and in no time it goes dull and due for replacement.

Physical Design

Edge up trimmers come in a range of body designs. So, you want to go for a design you’re comfortable with. While shopping for your clipper, have a firsthand feel of these products and see which suits your design appeal the most. However, if you do not get access to the clipper before you buy – as most stores may not allow physical inspection– read reviews and have a clue of users’ experience with the trimmer.


The built-in motor usually causes the annoying vibrations typical of some low-end clippers. Before you choose a clipper, ensure the housing is insulated and without vibrations. The cover of the housing should be tough enough to absorb the vibrations from the motor. This helps for more comfortable handling when trimming.

Maintenance Advice

Barbers literally use these tools for many hours – every day. Most hair clippers are designed with durability in mind – particularly high ended products. But even with their high-profile ruggedness, they need regular maintenance for increased lifespan and sustainable performance.

Most clipper kits come with some accessories designed to keep the clippers in good shape. You’d usually find a small brush for dusting off hairs stuck between the blades.

Also, most clippers come with a bottle of oil for lubricating the blades and to avoid tugging your hair when trimming. If your clipper is labeled waterproof, then it’s OK to run it under a tap.

Clean off stray bits after use and ensure you run a more intensive cleaning – say once, monthly.


When thinking to purchase a trimmer, consider one that promises a close cut, high durability, and top performance.

After some critical research – primarily based on users’ review – these trimmers made the list of the best five shapes up clippers.

On what basis?

Brand reputation, cost, functionality, and durability

These clippers rank among the best on the market. They come in great designs, high quality, and a powerful motor to handle any hair type.

So, now, it’s up to you to define exactly what you want out of them. Assuredly, these products will give you a bang for your bucks.