Wahl 9818 vs 9888 – Trimmer Comparison To Suit Your Needs

Comparing any two Wahl models is always nothing short of a daunting task. By far one of the best trimmer makers on the planet, Wahl models is known for its remarkable efficiency.

wahl clippers

But while efficiency is always a guaranteed criterion on any model, there are still certain differences in functionality that one must have in mind when considering which model to buy.

Ranging from externally visible differences to subtle peculiarities, I try to provide in this post a guide as detailed as possible to help you make the best possible decision in choosing between Wahl 9818 vs 9888.

But First – A Quick Note Before We Begin

For the sake of ease and convenience, I will first discuss the Wahl 9818 and its features, analysis, and specifications, then the 9888 and its features, analysis, and specifications, before finally bringing the analysis to a close with a concluding side-by-side comparison.

So without further ado, let us begin.

Wahl 9818 Features and Analysis

wahl 9818 clipper

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  • Four replaceable heads
  • Stainless Steel Body and Blades
  • Three-step battery indicator light
  • 12 attachment guide
  • Full charge: 60 mins
  • 4 hours run time
  • Quick Charge (60 seconds)

Analysis: Overview

The Wahl 9818 is definitely one of my favorites. The unique solid properties common in all Wahl models are present here but most importantly I love its portability and lightness, and of course the way it feels when you hold it.

I’m not even trying to get too romantic but, it just feels – it feels right if you know what I’m saying.

It’s also highly aesthetically appealing due to its smooth, silver stainless steel and the overall sleekness of its design. It’s also highly smooth in its operation and, unlike earlier models, doesn’t make enough noise to wake the whole neighborhood.

I would start praising the overall kit box too but that wouldn’t be quite right seeing as we’re comparing two Wahls and we all know they’re one of the best when it comes to providing a fully comprehensive kit so that sort of goes without saying.

The kit is also very comfortable to configure. You don’t need to have any extra certification to enjoy the functionalities to the fullest extent.

Pros and Cons

To start with the pros we have:

  • Sleek, lightweight design.
  • Comprehensive package kit.
  • Relatively moderate charge to use time.
  • Easy to Operate.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty inclusive.
  • Lithium ion+ battery technology.


  • It might not be too effective for very low stubble beards.

Wahl 9888 Features and Analysis

Wahl 9888


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  • 13 individual guide combs
  • 19 attachment guards
  • Shaving length: 1.5 – 25 mm
  • Full Charge: 60 mins
  • Battery Life: 3 hours run time
  • Quick Charge: 60 seconds
  • Self Sharpening blades

Analysis: Overview

Not as simple in design as the 9818, the overall aesthetics of the 9888 pretty much mimics the full functionality in the sense that they are a bit more complicated but manage to have only a slight edge if any at all.

Simple is always better is a motor many designers hold dear, but when you’re able to have a slightly more complicated process with just the same result, then it is at least worth a try.

The Wahl 9888 manages to do just do this. It comes with a slightly more comprehensive kit package and a little less run time but that shouldn’t deter you since there will always be tradeoffs in these things, and what it lacks in an hour of inferior runtime, it makes up for with one more attachment guide option.

It is also slightly less noisy than the 9818 but this may just be to my own ear as a lot of people have mentioned the noise level is very similar. Either way, it works smoothly with way less noise than most trimmers.

Pros and Cons

On the pros side we have:

  • Suitable for short, full, and stubble beards.
  • Comprehensive design
  • Slightly more comprehensive kit.
  • Precision Ground Trimmer Blade
  • Tight Grip

While for the cons we have:

  • A slightly inferior battery technology (Lithium-ion)
  • Non-replaceable battery.

Side-by-Side Wahl 9818 vs 9888 Comparison

Wahl 9818 vs 9888 comparison


As we have seen, both the 9888 and 9818 both have their highs, and of course, there are similarities. In terms of physical appearance, they are both sleek and portable and relatively easy to handle and work with.

The packaging of both is comprehensive enough as is common with Wahl equipment and they are easy to pack for a quick journey.

When it comes to functionality both these instruments get the job done. They are both good for full and short beards and are both remarkably easy to get a hang of.

Technical-wise they both have the same lithium-ion technology with only a slight difference that is discussed further below.

Differences between Wahl 9888 vs 9818

While physically the 9888 and 9818 are both attractive and compact, the design on the 9818 achieves this by being extremely simple and uniform whereas the 9888 has a more intricate and comprehensive body design but still manages to keep it’s sleek and compactness.

In terms of functionality, while they’re both comprehensively packaged, the 9888 has a slight edge with a few additional kits.

They are also both good for full and short beards but the 9888 might be more appropriate for stubble beards than the 9818. I also found the 9888 to have a slightly stronger grip, but that may just be me as they are very similar in this regard too.

Finally technical-wise the major difference between the 9888 and 9818 is the battery technology, where the 9818 comes up superior as it sports a longer-lasting lithium ion+ technology while 9888 has a lithium-ion technology.

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Both these instruments are wonderful trimming kits in their own rights. They are both capable of giving you a clean, awesome shave. And even though they both have slight edges over each other in certain areas, ultimately, to make a choice between them boils down to one’s tastes and preferences seeing as the differences between the models aren’t large enough to completely sway one in one direction or another.