How to Get a Smooth Shave Face in 7 Easy Steps (2024)

Like a man who takes pride in his jawline, I know how important it is to keep your face well shaved. Shaving is the step that turns boys into men. But is cutting a habit, or is it an art, a craft that needs proper care to shape it? I personally think it’s the latter.

Just like any other art, shaving needs special tweaks to get better. If you believe that your daily routine is perfect, think again, as you’ll get to a whole new level once you start applying what’s in this article.

The mistakes you may be committing can be fatal to your public image, you don’t want to go out with irritated skin or a face wound now, do you? To avoid that, you need to get a high-quality shaving blade along with a suitable gel that can guarantee a smooth face that’s bound to give strong impressions on everyone around you.

Get those and follow the steps in this article and you’ll get that astonishing look you’ve been dreaming about in no time!

How to Get a Smooth Shave Face in 7 Easy Steps

How to Get a Smooth Shave Face

Step1: Get that Towel away from your face!

After a hot shower, you get an irresistible urge to dry your entire skin with a towel. While that’s fine for your body, it’s terrible for your face. That’s because, after a shower, your skin is damp and soft, which increases the effectiveness of your shave as it facilitates water penetration into your skin.

Wipe the rest of your body, including your head and shoulders, but keep your face wet to preserve the softness as long as possible for the shave that’s coming. If you can’t resist the towel, make sure to use a clean one every time and to pat dry your face, not rub it.

Step3: Gel, gel, gel!

I can’t stress this enough. A gel is an essential part of shaving, as it reduces the space between your face and the shaving blade without irritating your skin, which results in a more comfortable shave.

Apply as much gel as possible and massage it on your face. Keep in mind that each gel is different, so look for a product that’s convenient for your face and your budget.

Step 4: A brush is your friend

If you’re not used to shaving brushes, maybe it’s time to get one. A shaving brush is an excellent aid in this process as it removes bad skin which reduces the chances of blemishes, spreads the gel equally on all areas, and raises your beard’s hair to ensure a closer cut. When applying gel using a brush, do it in a circular motion that ends with an upward stroke to raise your hair up.

Step 2: Use a good razor

Razors are the symbol of shaving. Long gone are the days when men used to shave with knives and swords. If you want to perform clean shaving, you need a quality razor with sharp blades to prevent rash and burns. A general rule of thumb will be changing the blade every ten shaves or even less if your beard is thick.

In other words, replace it whenever it starts to get dull. When shaving, rinse the blade before starting and every few swipes to remove accumulated cream.

Step 5: Clean and simple

Shaving is a sensitive routine as it includes exposing your face to a closed blade. Aside from possible injuries, this task can cause great harm if your hands and the blade aren’t clean enough.

To ensure a safe shave, wash your hands and dry them using a fresh towel. Besides, it’s better if you shave after a shower, as that’s when your face’s the cleanest.

If you can’t do that, make sure to clean your face appropriately to ensure the best water penetration during shave after removing anything such as skin oil.

Step 6: Tricky spot? Get in-line

While most men shave their faces starting from the tricky spots, it certainly isn’t the most effective way to do it. Avoid starting with the tricky spots of your facial hair.

Start from the flat areas of your face; from under the sideburn areas down to your upper lip then move to the hard parts: under your chin and around your ears.

The chin area is the toughest in my opinion, for that it needs to have its fair share of shaving cream. If you follow this routine, you’ll most definitely get softer skin.

Step 7: What’s next? The After Gel of course!

Many men apply cologne directly on their skin after shaving, and that’s bad, really bad. Cologne is composed of oil and alcohol. While the first may be beneficial for your skin, the latter isn’t and can cause skin irritation and dryness.

Barbers used to apply alcohol in the past as well, to sterilize their tools and their clients’ faces while giving them a good scent.

As appealing as it looks, such process that involves alcohol has the same drawbacks as the cologne. Don’t fall for your ancestors’ mistakes and get an aftershave that’s worth of your face.

These products help in moisturizing, smoothening, and cleansing your skin, and they come in many types to give you a wide range of choices according to your preferences. What’s even better is that aftershaves leave a matte finish on your face, not the usual shiny makeup-like one.


As much as I love my beard, I can’t keep it as I need to have a shaved, clean face all the time for my professional life. Thanks to the above tricks, people are always complimenting my face skin and asking for advice regarding the matter.

If you’re having troubles with this daily process, follow the above steps and you’re guaranteed to get a facial skin that would make your momma scream:” When did you become so young soft face?”. If you have any questions regarding skincare and shaving, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

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