To Mustache or Not to – Why You Should Grow a Mustache

The mustache fashion trend is back, stronger than ever. But is this style for everyone? No, it isn’t. If you decide to go full-mustache, you need to pay special attention to the details. Why grow a mustache? It’s not about letting the upper lip hair go wild, and that’s it. Growing a stylish, beautiful mustache is only possible if you follow strict steps. How to know if growing a mustache is your thing? Simple, answer the below questions, and you’ll be able to make your decision in no time.

Now, asking the real questions: Why Grow a Mustache?

Why Grow a Mustache

Do you have enough upper lip hair?

Just like beards, mustaches cannot be grown by everyone. Sadly, it’s privileged to those with the right genetics. Growing some hair here and there isn’t the solution, either you go all in, or there’s no point in it. Don’t let your pride blind you and answer this question: can you grow enough hair for a good mustache? Look in the mirror, check your dad’s upper lip, your grandfather’s even, then you’ll know whether you should attempt at growing facial hair or not. If your genetics don’t allow it, don’t try to force it, you still can be handsome and stylish even without a mustache. If you’re capable of growing it, well, get moving to the next question!

Can you grow a full beard?

It’s a well-known fact among mustache champions that the easiest way to grow upper lip hair is by developing a full beard then shaving the shin and the cheeks, leaving only the area surrounding your upper lip (see best beard trimmers of 2019). So, if you want a great mustache, you need a great beard first, that’s just how things work. Do you have that or are you among the misfortune doomed with an ever-clean-shaven face?

Can you stand the awkwardness?

Whether you’re growing your hair, growing your beard, or your mustache, you’re most likely to go through a phase where your face would look too weird to go out. Everyone passes by that phase, and we call it “The awkward transition,”as it separates your natural look from that of a badass. During that phase, your ego and pride will be so down that you’ll have to leave them at home when going out to survive the looks, and comments, of those around you. It’s basically an emotional trauma that’s not suited for the faint-hearted. Are you willing to take on all that to excel where other men failed; growing a full mustache that would get everyone’s attention?

Can you withstand the discomfort?

This is yet another aspect in which beards and mustaches coincide. Mustache itchiness is a common thing, so you better be prepared for this great discomfort from time to time. The happy news is that this only happens when you’re first starting out, but once your hair is grown enough and away from your skin, it’s most likely to decrease or disappear even.

How ready are you for constant maintenance and cleaning?

You thought it’s only a matter of growing some hair above your upper lip? Oh, my sweet summer child. A mustache is a responsibility, just like a baby trying to grow, you need to give your ‘stache all the love, care,and maintenance it needs to flourish. If you already have a beard, this isn’t news to you, but if you don’t, brace yourself, you’re going to become a dad!

How good are you at shaving?

To ensure a successful stache-perience, you need steady hands capable of shaping your upper lip hair without ruining what you spend months to create.

And to the most critical question: Do you really want a mustache?

Do you really want a mustache

I mean, come on, being a fashion trend doesn’t necessarily mean that it would be great on you or that you’d like it on your face. You need to take a moment, step back and think: how good would you look with a mustache? Are you really going to look like the next James Franco or are you just going to end up miserably ugly? For this particular aspect, you can consult a friend, family member or your partner. Just draw a mustache on a piece of paper and stick it above your upper lip and ask them about the way you look.

Verdict: Should You Grow a Mustache?

Whether you think a mustache would fit your handsome face or you simply want to try a new style, growing a mustache can come across your mind several times as a man, especially that it’s becoming a trend again. Deciding whether or not to grow that hair above your upper lip is entirely up to you, nobody can make that decision in your place. If you’re too hesitant about it, go on, grow that mustache of yourself and show the world that you’ve got guts, what can you lose, after all (besides your reputation and pride)?